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Blog for Sunday 19th March 2023

I had a broken night’s sleep – again some dreadful nightmare that Ken had to wake me up from, but I still woke up at four o’clock, lay there for a few minutes and then got up by a quarter past four.

I hate those nightmares for I wake up (with Ken’s help) and my he art is racing as I am truly scared, and then I am shocked by being woken suddenly – not fun and I wish I could switch nightmares off. Almost all of them refer to times in South Africa and maybe hearing from our eldest daughter yesterday of the impending uprising expected this Monday in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa was the cause of my nightmare last night.

Ken and I are off to church this morning and neither of us have any church duty today!

Tony, our pastor asked us all in the congregation – as homework for the last week – to look at what kind of a man John the Baptist was. I thoroughly enjoyed my study on the man, and I learnt an incredible amount while doing so.

I unpacked the dishwasher and put a large load of washing on before we left home, so that I do not have to face that when we get back home again.

While waiting for Ken to get ready – he had already loaded the quad bike onto the back of the ute’ to take into our friend and mechanic in Wauchope to sort out – I began to sort out my linen cupboard. I stacked the towels -of various colors and sizes neatly, kitchen towels, and face cloths. I also have aprons, kitchen padded gloves, nylon food covers for the table and so on. All nice and neat now!

We set off a little later than we wanted to, and then just after we had crossed the river Ken said, “Oh no! There is no diesel in the ute’!” Too late to turn back now, so we headed into Long Flat with a prayer and song hoping to get there before we ran out completely!

We got there and put some diesel in and then had to drive like crazies as there are two sets of lights set up for the many road works happening on the Oxley Highway, and you wait there forever and a day there for them to change. Will we really get to church today?

We squeaked into church at about five minutes past ten, but at least we were there, and a few minutes later our friend Tinus, (yes, the gentle giant of a man who did my SRE classes crit’ last week) sat down alongside us! What a nice surprise!

After church the three of us headed off to the Wauchope Country Club to have lunch there together, as Mariaan (Tinus’ wife) is away in Sydney on business, plus a friend of hers arrived in Sydney from overseas, and Mariaan was acting as her tour guide around Sydney for a few days! That meant Tinus was on his own, so it was lovely to have him with us for lunch.

To give you a rough idea of what a lovely time the three of us had over lunch – we arrived there just after eleven thirty and left and four o’clock! Just three good friends having a good chinwag and eating together. Special.

Oh yes! Just to complete our lunch - I won another meat tray - this time of beautiful trimmed lamb chops!

From the Country Club we went to get diesel for the ute’ and the farm, and then headed over to our friend and mechanic’s home to leave the quad bike with him to fix.

We got back to the farm at about half past five after having had a lovely day out.

What lesson did I learn today? Expect the unexpected at any time and enjoy it when that happens!

What am I grateful for today? Time spent with a really good friend.

My saying for today is …

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