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Blog for Sunday 19th November 2023

Yahee! I woke up knowing that Paddy arrived safely last night (he got here at about half past eight) and was sleeping under the same roof as us! Shame, poor guy, looked whacked after working a full day at the Emergency Vet’ Clinic for the day.

I fed Shamara who is still hobbling around, and it looks as if a ligament in her leg or foot is not working any more but let me tell you right now, that it has not stopped her yelling for food at every turn! Her voice is unaffected for sure!

I left Paddy and Ken at home – well, Ken took me across the river to my little car and he even opened the Highway gate for me so I could get going quickly, as I had to stop in Long Flat to get fuel, as my car was pretty much hovering on empty.

I thought with having to re-fuel in Long Flat that I would be late for church, but no, I was about ten minutes early! Shoo! Cut a few corners and was a little too heavy on the accelerator, me thinks!

There were no little children in church this morning but there were two teenagers who wanted to spend time with me and for me to teach them. So, that is what we did. The materials I had were really for little ones, so not really suitable. Instead, I improvised and taught them both a new way to memorize scriptures – something I have just learned myself. Both of them listened intently and did very well, and judging by the width of their grins I think they loved the lesson and had taken down copious notes too!

On my way home I had to stop to pick up fuel for the farm, and a few items form the IGA before heading back home. I phoned Ken so that he knew roughly what time I would need to cross the river and he would come and fetch me in the ute’.

Yoh! I do not know how on earth Paddy (and I believe Ken also helped) managed to do any work out in the ‘yards today as it was stinking hot by the time I got back home.

Paddy pulled down the right front (looking at the ‘yards from the front) section of the ‘yards and began placing the large strainer posts in the holes he had dug earlier today.

Paddy working out at the ‘yards.

Because of the heat none of us wanted lunch but chose rather to sip a cool drink or water and lie down for a snooze, to read, or watch something. I really tried to sleep but as hot and wilted as I felt no sleep was happening, so I read a book instead.

Yesterday I made that chicken curry, so by the evening (today) when the temperature outside had cooled, it was fine to be eating curry!

In the afternoon I went up to my studio to finish off my lessons for school tomorrow. Yahee! Organized!

What lesson did I learn today? To check the fuel gauge in my car a day before setting out to anywhere!

What am I grateful for today? A fun time with two teenagers at church. (Kids Church.)

My saying for today is …

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