Blog for Sunday 20th November 2022

Wow! Another brand-new day – how wonderful! Plus, I had a good sleep last night and my tummy seems to have settled. So, life is good!

I fed my feline and had my Quiet Time before having a shower and getting myself dressed for church.

On our way off the farm, we stopped for a few minutes to chat to Jason, Trevor, Dylan and Lachie who were spending a day on the farm fishing and enjoying nature. They were just finishing off their breakfast before heading off to do a spot of fishing at the back of the farm.

What a lovely surprise for us! As I drove in to park my little car at church, there were Tinus and Mariaan – they wanted to surprise us and they certainly did! Bless them both. They said they had come to our church (and not theirs) as they wanted to take us out to lunch today. So, after church the four of us headed off to The Bago and had a delicious lunch of fish and chips and a jolly good chinwag too! It was lovely.

At church today – before the service - I gave Karen (the Kids Church leader) the little puppets I had made, and she was very happy with them. Karen said that the children loved them too. Yahee!

It was so nice to have Tony (our pastor) and Julie back with us. They have just returned from a trip to the USA, visiting their family and friends and it is so good to have them home here again.

When Hope (Tony and Julie’s little granddaughter) was born, I smocked a little dress for her as a gift, which she can now wear. (I made it to fit a two-year old.) This morning after church Julie was going to show me some photos of Hope wearing it, but Julie was just inundated with people welcoming them back, so I left her to do that and will catch up with her another time.

After church, Tinus and Ken went out to the farm that Tinus is agisting, and which Tinus wanted to show Ken, while Mariaan and I headed off to The Bago to await our men there. It gave us women some extra talking time too!

What a lovely time the four of us had together. Good food, good friends, good conversations – nothing better!

Ken and got home (after a pit stop at the IGA for some fresh veggies) after half past three. Ken shot off at the speed of light to have his siesta. I went up to my studio to finish off working on my Scripture lessons for tomorrow.

I wrote out the lessons for school tomorrow for me to read over again in the morning, then I leave those notes here at home. I need to look at each little face when I am telling them a story and if I am reading notes that is not possible.

I am so happy as I found two games (for the different classes) to play. I like the games or object lesson to focus on the message of the lesson I will be teaching. I know the children should enjoy playing these games tomorrow.

What lesson did I learn today? How special friendships are.

What am I grateful for today? Time with good friends.

My saying for today is …

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