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Blog for Sunday 22nd January 2023

I was up only at just before five o’clock this morning – but early enough anyway.

This was the last time I would be sending out Pastor Tony’s sermon, as Shirley is back home now. It was so nice to see her at church today, and know that I can hand back the responsibility for keeping the whole congregation in the loop of what is happening where, and to whom! Now I will be receiving those emails and not sending them!

There were a few more visitors at church today and it was full although there are several members still away on school holidays.

After church we met up with three other couples, where I had booked for our lunch at the Bago Tavern. It is always such fun to get together as these are definitely the people of “our tribe”. We had so much to chat about and catch up on, so there was much talking and laughing happening, as we attempted to eat and drink at the same time. It was just nice to be with them all again.

Next time Lindie will choose the venue, as we are going to try to venture further than the Wauchope RSL; Wauchope Country Club and the Bago Tavern – we have pretty much exhausted their menus now!

We only got back home at about half past three and as we drove in, it began to spit a little, but apart from that not much rain here at all. I think Paddy measured just under 3mm so far today.

Mariaan and Tinus gave me my birthday gift – as Mariaan kept forgetting it, plus we have not got together for a while, but today she was so happy that she had remembered to bring it with them. As normal, she has spoilt me terribly – a beautiful scented candle in a leopard printed box; a head to toe spoiling of a body wash, body cream and hand cream presented in a soft moss green canvas bag – just beautiful, and a yummy box of lovely chocolates! I mean, what more could a woman want!

Once we got home Ken went to have his normal siesta, Paddy watched a little sport on TV and then went to work on his i-pad, and I came up to my studio to try to clean up all the notes, articles, courses et cetera and put them into folders so that they are easier to access. Shoo! This is one l-o-n-g exercise, I fear!

Neither Ken nor I were hungry come supper time, (because we had eaten lunch so late and far too much of it nog al), but I had brought some pasta for Paddy and also some light fruit cake sliced and served with custard for his evening meal.

We all retired fairly early, but I was wicked and was up late watching some documentaries on my i-phone.

What lesson did I learn today? How important good friends in life really are.

What I am grateful for today? Having lunch with six good friends at lunch – the caring, sharing and lots and lots of laughter.

My saying for today is …

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