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Blog for Sunday 25th December 2022

Well, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas today and that you really enjoy this special day of celebration!

I got up at half past five, had my Quiet Time, did some studying, sent off our pastor’s Christmas sermon to the whole congregation and then checked, deleted, or answered all my emails.

Shame, Josh’ who had been so sick last night (with ‘Bali belly’) surfaced a little later, looking and feeling a little better, but only feeling80% okay. He was still very pale and had sweated a great deal but at least he was on the mend.

Ethan had slept out last night, so Mich’ and Robert slept in his bed downstairs as Josh’ was sleeping in their bed – talk about musical beds and all that!

We were to be at Paddy and Ren’s by midday, so it was a slow start to our day. Nev’ came across and then he and Robert went for a quick dip in the sea before coming home and we all had a cup of coffee, rusks and a good chat together.

We only opened one of our gifts and then decided that we would open the other few little gifts later in the afternoon, when we got home from our Christmas lunch at Paddy and Ren’s.

We spent a lovely day at Paddy and Ren’s – Ren’ had gone to a lot of trouble setting up a beautifully decorated Christmas table and we all had brought a couple of dishes each for the Christmas meal. There were several lovey cheese platters, chips and dips which were followed by ham, beef, and seven different salads – all equally delicious. That was then followed by a choice of desserts - Malva, Limoncello trifle, plus ice cream in waffle cones.

Our Christmas Table

As you may well imagine, we all waddled away from the Christmas table with very full stomachs!

We then played our Kris Kringle game and Ken and I landed up with some lovely gifts from that! A set of sharp knives, a large casserole dish for heat, bake and freezing that had three dish cloths inside, plus a lovely set of eight colorful – almost Mexican looking – bowls!

We then waved our fond farewells and set off back to Mich; and Robert’s, where we basically sat around, snoozed or chatted. Then at about six o’clock Nev’ (one of Robert’s good school friends) popped in to have a drink and to open his gifts from under the tree. He also had come to say “Good-bye!” to Ken and I as we are returning home to the farm tomorrow, so will not see him again until he arrives back here from Singapore to settle here on the Central Coast.

It has been a lovely day spent with family and good friends.

By ten o’clock we were all in bed and suddenly there was a deep silence as we all slipped, slithered or arrived in the Land of Nod together!

What lesson did I learn today? Today, on Christmas Day it is not the presents we receive that are import but His presence with us.

What am I grateful for today? Our crazy family!

My saying for today is …

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