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Blog for Sunday 26th May 2024


I got up at twenty past three this morning, awakened and accompanied by the meows of Shamara (she heard me getting up), and she escorted me directly to … to her food bowl!

I quickly fed her and made my coffee and tried to tippy-toe up the stairs to my studio, so as not to wake Tamryn who arrived last night.

I had my Quiet Time and got together the things to take to church with us and then … hey-ho, it was off-we-go once more on the tractor. Yoh! I cannot wait for the ute’ to get home today. (Matt’, our grandson is driving it up for us from the Central Coast)

My age is beginning to show BIG time when I am seated on the wheel well of the tractor bashing, banging and bouncing to and across the river, with a bolt (on the strut I hang onto for dear life,) that insists on trying to remove my right boob with each jolt or bump. I do not seem to smile as much now when sitting on the wheel well, as I did when I was younger!

We arrived five minutes late for church … again! I hate that I have to break the speed records, (yes, I am driving) to get there and then even to arrive late!

I think next weekend I will push all the clock and watches in our home at least half an hour earlier (the night before) so we get off the farm and to church on time!

When we got to the river on our way home there was the ute’ waiting for us. Oh hallelujah! Tamryn had met Matt’ early this morning in Port Macquarie at Bunnings, to pick up a load of cement et cetera.

When we got back home, they were busy loading posts to take up the hill to Tamryn’s site, and containers of water for mixing the cement. Then off they went up the hill on the tractor and the ute’.

Ken went off to have his siesta and I put out lunch for whoever, whenever their hungries demanded to be fed!

I thought I would go up the hill to Tamryn’s site – to take a walk to try out my gumboots and my breathing ability under stress! Much huff and puff needed. But in the end I went up the hill on the quad bike as I had one very muddy little dog wanting to come with me, a battery and I also took more cokes (sugar shots of energy) for Tamryn and Matt’.

When I got up the hill I was suitably impressed, both Tamryn and Matt’ were working their hardest – and the work they were doing was heavy and hard, plus they had made headway.

Matt’ chain sawing the posts and then physically carrying them and dropping them in to the already dug and cemented holes.


Tamryn mixing the cement in a wheelbarrow ...

Note: Tamryn dressed for the part – tradie boots and a tradie belt nog al!

I looked over the Sunday School materials (which Karen kindly gave me at church today) for next Sunday when I will be teaching again.

What lesson did I learn today: Patience.

What am I grateful for today? Seeing Matt’ and Tamryn as brother and sister working so nicely together.

My saying for today is …

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