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Blog for Sunday 28th January 2024

I woke up fairly early again – just after half past four, I think.

I fed my feline, made my coffee and toddled upstairs as quietly as I could so as not to disturb Paddy who was sleeping in the main shed area.

When Ken went out to let the dogs off, he checked the rain and we had had 36.5mm overnight. How wonderful is that? That is the sort of rain we need to fill our dams!

Then it was time for me to shower and get myself dressed and away to church.

I left the farm on nine o’clock and crossed the river in the ute’ on my own. It was a little scary as the river had come up a lot overnight. Not enough to be really scared, but I am always very wary of the river and the tremendous force and power the water has.

As I was on time this morning, there was no need for travelling at the speed of light, and another plus was that there was hardly any traffic between the farm and Wauchope. So I ha a quiet, uneventful trip into town!

Church was good – it was nice to see Mary and Bob back from their six-week trip to Canada – apparently, they had had a wonderful holiday with all their family. Sheree, Steve, McKenna and Kye were with them too. Shame, from the snow and ice and freezing temperatures in Canada, they landed in Australia midst the heatwave we have been experiencing!

Oh dear! Norm’ welded the struts onto the lampshade I am wanting to recover, but … unfortunately he had it upside down!  He had brought it to church for me to take home, but he said it was no big deal he would just cut the wire and re-weld it for me. “Thanks Norm’ you are a star!”

I did not have to stop in Wauchope for anything, so straight after church I headed back home again.

As soon as I got home, Paddy was ready to be taken across the river to his vehicle as he had to get back to Terrigal as he was working early the next morning. Ken took Paddy across and on his way back Ken picked up the chairs still down on the river bank and brought them back to the top shed.

Ken then went off for his siesta and I went up to my studio to do the Homework that our pastor had set us all for next Sunday. He has given us three different Scriptures and has asked us to read and re-read them then decide what is similar between them and what is different.

I enjoyed doing that!

Later, I went downstairs to continue unpicking my costume and Shelayne (our middle daughter in Seattle) phoned and had a long chat to both Ken and I. At one stage I looked up and there on the couch was my dear little dog, Raafie – note, sleeping on his paw!

Raafie asleep on his paw! How cute is that?

Today has played out swaddled in layers of soft drifting layers of drizzle. Nothing to really record but it kept the land wet.

I watched the last half of the last episode of the series I have been watching and then I went to sleep.

Another day completed in my life.

What lesson did I learnt today? To enjoy the gentleness of a quiet day.

What am I grateful for today? The rain and drizzle.

My saying for today is …

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