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Blog for Sunday 29th October 2023

Yahee! I am now officially back to Sydney time in my body clock!

I went to bed at about ten o’clock last night, woke up just before four o’clock, rolled over and continued sleeping until a quarter past six! Wonderful! I think my time of wrestling with jet lag is now definitely over.

I had a lovely hot shower and got myself dressed for church. It was good to be back at church and I helped Sandra pour teas/coffees as she has this big collar on to support her neck, and cannot see properly, poor woman. She showed me her arm – just a picture of bruises, bumps, lumps, pipes and needles – yikes! Enough to make me want to run far away! I pray that they soon get to the bottom of all her pain and get it sorted out.

Straight after church and after I had helped clean the kitchen up Ken and I headed quick smart into Port Macquarie to meet all the ex-South Africans at the Settler’s Inn to watch the All Blacks vs Springboks rugby final match on streaming. There was much snorting and disagreement when yellow cards were given to two of our guys which we all thought were not the right call, but the All Blacks had a few of their players off with yellow cards and one with a red card too!

Well, after all that, the yelling and bouncing around on our chairs, the Springboks won by only one point, but they won and that was good enough or me! I was simply delighted and wished that I could have heard Kerry’s (our eldest daughter in South Africa) yelling as I know she would have been so happy!

I drove out of Port Macquarie and stopped at the IGA in Wauchope to pick up a few items before heading home.

When we got to our Highway gate Frik (a friend who came to fish and sleep overnight) was there and so were Paddy and Matt’ with the ute’ to take us across the river and back home.

Once we were home, Ken headed off for his siesta and I began preparing the salads et cetera for the braai (barbeque) tonight. Paddy and Matt’ offered to do that for us, which was wonderful.

I did not eat much at lunch time at the Settler’s Inn, I just nibbled on a few chips as I knew Paddy had bought some HUGE steaks from the ‘Holy Cow’ butchery and their meat is so good for the braai tonight.

I spoke to Mich’ in the early evening – she is off starting her new job tomorrow and is flying to Melbourne for a week of training in the morning.

The men -that is, Paddy, Matt’, Frik and Ken only got in late from their various work – fencing, fishing or feeding – and Paddy and Matt’ began the fire for our braai. Paddy cooked the steaks to perfection and Matt’ offered to make a cheese sauce for me which I gratefully accepted! There was more than enough food for our evening meal and not long after eating we escaped to our beds. No, no, that is not quite true – Ken and Frik watched a bit of cricket first before retiring.

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy the moment.

What am I grateful for today? That the Springboks won the rugby final!

My saying for today is …

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