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Blog for Sunday 4th February 2024

So sorry that my blog is late again but I have had a terrible job with my laptop this morning - almost two hours of battling, but ... all is well now!

Yahee! I was up long before my alarm began her little ditty in the wee hours of today! I had a lot to do before we left for church later.

But first I fed my feline, put the oven on and had my Quiet Time.

Then later when I went downstairs again, I baked seventy-two mini meat pies and sausage rolls and allowed them to cool. I got the two loaves of egg-mayo’ and the ham sandwiches out the fridge, I wrapped the gluten free lemon-almond cake in tin foil so that the top of flaked almonds and sieved icing sugar would not get messed. I packed about eight different packets of biscuits in case I needed them. I also took a small packet of apricot and date biscuits and some lemon coconut cream cheese to spread on them. I had a corn relish dip and some small savory biscuits to go with that, and I packed the things I may need in preparing all of this in the church kitchen – sharp knives, shredded lettuce, kitchen towels, tomato sauce for the little pies and so on. All of that paraphernalia went into a large wicker basket, and esky and a slow cooker plus on stainless steel tray!

Shoo! After a quick shower I got myself dressed and I had already woken Ken up at seven o’clock – poor man!

We left the farm just a few minutes after eight o’clock, which was absolutely brilliant. To day I did not have to drive like the wind to get to church a few minutes late for a change! I could just enjoy the drive without haring along at the speed of light!

Our friends Ian and Marg (in our Bible Study Group) had hoped to surprise us and to have set the kitchen up for us, but we got there early, much to their disappointment! Very kind of them both to want to do that for us. Ian was on set up so while he was putting out microphones and so on Marg helped us in the kitchen..

While Ken and Marg set out cups and teas and coffees, sugar, milk, water and so on I began to slice the cake, decorate the trays of sandwiches with shredded lettuce and small blocks of cheese, warm the meat pies and sausage rolls, put out the plates and plates of biscuits arranged nicely. And then … we were ready!

How good was all this activity for teatime, for unbeknownst to me the church had run out of biscuits and this morning we had an enormous congregation – far more than normal and several new young families have joined our congregation today too! I may add that after teatime there were but a few crumbs left!

It had been a good morning teatime gathering.

After church when Ken and I and another man, Kevin, joined us in the kitchen to help clean up, Ian and Marg asked if they could bring a friend out to us for afternoon tea on the farm. To which we replied ‘Certainly!”

As soon as we got back home Ken headed off to have a quick siesta and I restored law and order in the kitchen and put all the things I had taken to church this morning away.

Bless Marg’ she brought out some muffins she had made and some lovely biscuits too. I also had put out two plates of eats and so the five of us sat down for tea/coffees, some eats and a good chin wag.

Then at about half past four Ken took our visitors out to show Marg’ and Ian’s friend, Kevin, some of our bulls and how our dogs work with Ken to muster them. They were all gob smacked and enjoyed their time out here.

When our guests left I tidied our home again and got our supper ready - the leftover pasta chicken meal from last night.

I was not out of bed long tonight as I was deliciously tired and could not wait to get into bed and drop into the land of Nod!

I had enjoyed today immensely.

What lesson did I learn today? It is good to do things to bless others.

What am I grateful for today? Family and friends.

My saying for today is …

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