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Blog for Sunday 5th March 2023

I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning, ready to live, REALLY live in the today! Watch out world here I come!

After my Quiet Time – and let me be honest about this – I did the Nazi goose stepping to avoid any wrigglies or slitheries on the floor before I climbed the stairs up to my studio, and my eyes swiveled 360degrees constantly! Remember, these juvenile eastern brown snakes are highly poisonous – the second most deadly in Australia – which does nothing for my frayed nerves.

This morning after my Quiet Time I checked that had the Sunday School lessons with me, although it dd not look as if any of the kiddies would be there today. There were no kids at Sunday School this morning so I will have to teach next Sunday then.

I was so excited as my little – well one of them – was driving up to spend a few days with us on the farm and she was meeting us after church at the IGA. She left her vehicle there and the three of us drove into Port Macquarie where we met up with other ex-South Africans for lunch.

We try to meet once a month at wherever the leader of the month chooses. Today we met at the Lotus Restaurant out at Lighthouse Beach. Port Macquarie – somewhere different for a change. There were eleven of us and we filled the restaurant with noise, laughter and lots of chatter! We had a great time and it was lovely to be able to take my sister with us and to introduce her to some of our special friends.

From Port Macquarie I drove the three of us back to Wauchope, where Dee and I got into her vehicle and shot into the Timbertown IGA for me to grab some fresh veggies and salad things. Ken went on in my car and we met up with him at the river and the three of us crossed the river in the ute’ then up to our home.

I had warned my sister about the snakes and one rat, so she was well prepared to face war with reptiles and all creatures seen on the farm but being a little nervous I organized for me to sleep with her up in my studio at night. She slept on the couch (to be off the floor, far away from any reptiles or rodents) and I slept on the floor on a mattress, to be the first line of defence, for my little sister!

When we got back home after the lunch with our friends, it was already about four o’clock. Ken and Dee went to have a siesta, but I lay down and read my book for a while.

When Dee woke up the two of us sat outside as there was a lovely breeze blowing and we just chilled and did a cryptic puzzle together. It was so nice to just chill out there together. Ken joined us later for a short while too.

As we had had a huge lunch neither Ken not I wanted any supper, but I made my sister a large salad and ham and cheese sandwich to make sure that the hungries did not attack her during the night!

Dee and I retired to my studio and I made sure all was secure and that no rats or their cousins, aunties or uncles could pull in, and no slitheries were welcome either!

Just as we were about to settle in for the night my sister got a phone call, and she had a long chat to her friend and then it was time for sleep. She was tired after a heavy week of work and a long drive up to us too.

What lesson did I learn today? To really enjoy the company I am with.

What am I grateful for today? Family and friends.

My saying for today is …

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