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Blog for Sunday 5th November 2023

I was up fairly early again this morning, after having a broken night’s sleep – I got up some time after eleven last night with tummy cramps, which were soon gone? I have no idea what that was about, but it disturbed my sleep, that’s for sure!

Again, my man battled to get going this morning, and so we were very late arriving at church AND Ken was on Door Duty, me on Flower Duty and we were both on Tea Duty nog al! The reason for us doing all those duties on one day was my fault.

I drew up the roster before I left for South Africa, and I normally allow everyone two weeks to check the rough roster and let me know if I have them down for some duty and that they will not be here for et cetera, and I alter the roster to suit them. After two weeks if they are unable to do a duty, they must find someone to replace them and not rely on me to do that for them. Unfortunately, for me this roster had so many alterations that in the end I put Ken and me down for three duties today and that was that! Stuff happens!

W-e-l-l. this morning we squeaked in just before church began but bless the many people who had stepped in to help set up the tea things on our behalf, so we only had to pour the milk (which we had to stop and buy on our way to church) and put the biscuits out and so on.

Shoo! I was sweating with anxiety and wanting to murder my man at the same time! (Not a good attitude to have before going into church Gail Morgan!) But … all was well, we served the tea, I put the flowers on the table in the front, and Ken welcomed people at the door!

It was so good to see people that we, well that I have not seen for a while.

After church Ken and I went across to the Wauchope Country Club to have lunch there. Ken suggested that when we came out of church, and I thought it a brilliant idea!

Ken ordered the crumbed flathead, chips and salad, and I had the petite portion of roast lamb with veggies – all very yummy! It was a lovely lunch and we had time to sit and chat, which was an added blessing as Ken put his mobile away!

We drove back home and although it was not raining for most of the way it began to drizzle as we got to the Highway gate. Plus, we had had another 8.5mm during the morning whilst we were at church. That, after 22mm overnight has created the odd puddle (something we have not seen for yonks!) on the farm. How wonderful!

When we got back home Raafie had the zoomies and was running around in square circles – he was beyond delighted that we were home again. He could not stop wagging his tail and greeting us with great leaps, yips and yaps. As a result of his enthusiasm, I now have a huge bloody bruise on my left arm where he jumped up to greet me. I take 100mg of aspirin daily to thin my blood, (apparently anyone over the age of 40 should be doing that), and my skin is paper thin so just the slightest bump and I bruise badly. Not a problem really just unsightly.

I lay down with Ken when we got back home and had a snap snooze but left him to continue his siesta when I got up. Raafie followed me when I got up and was my little shadow until he felt like a rough and tumble with his big sisters outside - that is, Thandi, Thogo and Jabu - our cattle dogs.

I have no school SRE tomorrow so will be able to do some ‘spring cleaning’ this week hopefully. I would like to get that done now for the Christmas holidays as I am sure we will have a lot of visitors during that time.

Yahee! This afternoon I began my new Kindle book for this month – ‘My Daughter’s Husband’ by Daniel Hurst – a writer I have not read before so am looking forward to that. It is a whodunnit – a genre I love as I love trying to work out if a person is guilty or not, or who the guilty person is.

What lesson did I learn today? To appreciate the small things in daily living.

What am I grateful for today? The rain again and again and again!

My saying for today is …

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