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Blog for Sunday 5thMay 2024

When I woke up this morning everything felt damp, and when it was light enough for me to see, there were puddles and ponds all over the farm. We must have had a lot of rain overnight.

We had … 22mm of it! That on top of the already rather soggy landscape caused the puddles and the ponds.

After having fed my feline, and I had had my Quiet Time, I got my paraphernalia together to teach in Kids Church this morning. Then I went downstairs to shower and get dressed for church.

Ken was good as he got up early and we managed to slip and slide off the farm and get to church with five minutes to spare!

My poor little car battled through the mud, almost choking at times, but I managed to get us out and onto the tarred Highway. My car is covered in mud though.

During the first part of our church service, I noticed that the three young boys – all three are special needs children - had come back. My heart sank initially as they are so disruptive in a class, but these youngsters were back and that was good.

After teatime (which happens in the middle of our church service and before the sermon, I went down to the hall to set it up for Kids Church. I had hoped to get organized quietly but the three boys saw me slip out and followed me down.

These boys were all over the show like a bucket of frogs initially, but then they settled down, listened to the Bible story, answered questions and behaved to the best of their ability.

We also had another three young children – new to our church – join us this morning too. Julie, my helper today was of great assistance to me, and together we managed to enjoy a good morning with all the children.

Our kids church is very small but all of a sudden it is beginning to grow with new, young children coming. This morning there were eight children only, but there were several children who were away today for various reasons.

Ken and I stopped at the IGA to pick up a few bits and bob before heading home.

Once home Ken went off to have his siesta and I went up to my studio to get myself organized to do as many drawings as I can this coming week for my friend Hester’s kiddies book.

I had intended to begin drawing this afternoon, but I was deadly tired and the inspirations were not coming as I had wanted, so I listened to something Mich’ (our youngest daughter) sent to me this morning.

Later I baked chicken pies filled with a creamy Gruyere cheese sauce (mmm, they were delicious) and I made us mashed potatoes to serve with them.

Then it was to bed, to bed, to bed for me. I did not even read one page of my book, but soon collapsed and was sound asleep.

Ah yes! I almost forgot to tell you … at Cheryl’s funeral two of her dogs were present, two beautiful jet black Labradors. At teatime they were thirsty and the lady with them requested a bowl to give them some water. One of the North Haven ladies offered a weeny little dish that the dogs would have found almost impossible to drink out of, so I offered the top of my old Tupperware cake container, and I filled it with water for the dogs.

When we had cleaned everything up after the funeral and the kitchen was sparkling, I could not find my Tupperware cake container top anywhere, and thought that was the end of that, but in church today Wendy read out a text she received from the lady who had watered the dogs, saying thank you to me and that she would see I got my lid back again!

What lesson did I learn today? To rely totally on the Lord when overwhelmed and feeling pretty useless.

What am I grateful for today? All the lovely rain we have received.

My saying for today is …

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