Blog for Sunday 6th November 2022

I almost heard the ‘Plop!’ of the new day arriving at our front door this morning! So exciting to know that I had a new day in which to write another chapter of my life. Wonderful!

The reality of the start of my day being one large, black cat wrapped around my ankles as I tried to exit our bedroom. Shamara was desperate for me not to lose my way to her bowl as she was famished once more! I fed her and she loved me again.

I went upstairs to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Later I had my shower and got dressed for church as both Ken and I were on different duties at church – Ken on Door Duty and I was in Kids Church.- and I wanted us to get there early this morning.

We did! Hallelujah! It is not often that happens!

In Kids Church we planned, discussed and agreed on what we – that is the children and adults – would present to the congregation at the end of this year. It will require some hard work, but we are all up for it! I think our practices will be great fun too.

After church Ken and I headed off to the Wauchope Country Club where we met up with four of our really good friends for lunch. It was great to catch up and have time to laugh and chat and chomp our food together. I have missed them sorely.

Lindie and Frank gave me my birthday gift – Lindie always selects such lovely things for me and presents them beautifully. This year they gave me some mints, unusual

chocolate biscuits, a body lotion, a cosmetic mirror, beautiful kitchen towel with matching apron in brilliant colours and with a South African theme. All wrapped and placed in a glittering gold gift bag with a ribbed white ribbon bow. Just lovely!

I also took my (or rather our) gifts for both Mariaan and Lindie’s birthdays. Yep! That is how long ago we last saw each other. So many things, illnesses, visitors et cetera prevented us getting together. Today there was much muttering that we will not allow that to happen again!

Frank looked terrible today – grey, drawn and very quiet. Poor guy, the doctors cannot find out what is causing these mini like strokes he has been having, nor why the excruciating headaches. That alone is enough to make one worry.

We all left the club at about two o’clock as Frank was needing to lie down and sleep, poor man. Horrible to see him not well and I am sure it takes a huge toll on Lindie too.

Ken and I headed back home with no stops. Oops! Yes, we did stop to refuel my little vehicle before leaving Wauchope.

Once home Ken headed for a late siesta and I went up to my studio to finish working on my lessons for school tomorrow.

Neither Ken nor I were hungry tonight after such a big meal midday, so we decided to skip supper and headed for bed instead.

Ken did his code word puzzles and I read for a short while and then we both curled up, said ‘Goodnight!’ and were soon sliding in to the Land of Nod together.

Today had been a good, happy and lovely day.

What lesson did I learn today? To really enjoy the day.

What am I grateful for today? The good friends we have,

My saying for today is …

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