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Blog for Sunday 7th May 2023

It was chilly when I woke up this morning just before four o’clock, so I lay in bed for a little longer, and then only went upstairs later to my studio just before five o’clock.

I had my Quiet Time and did some Bible studying before going downstairs to shower and get dressed for church.

Paddy was awake and got up while I was in the shower and then Ken followed suit a little later.

I left my men at home as they were both still so tired from their flight home from Darwin - having had to travel by bus from Dundee, and then wait in the Darwin airport only to fly out at half past one in the morning to Sydney! They had hours to catch up on sleep!

As I opened the first gate to get on my way to church, one of the young sons of friends of ours who often come to spend the day on the farm and were here this morning too, ran up and offered to close it for me – which was very kind of him. I was thrilled as that getting in and out, in and out at each gate eats up time.

I got to church ten minutes early, so had some time to catch up and chat to people. I met up with a lady I had not seen for ages, well about eight or nine years – we had both attended the Ellenborough Anglican church (when it was still operating) together many years ago, and a friend of hers had invited her to come to our church today. It was a happy reunion.

After church I stopped at the IGA to pick up a few fresh supplies and then drove on back to the farm.

Both Ken and Paddy were fast asleep – well Ken was, and Paddy was desperately trying to, but he gave up as his mind would not close down and let him sleep.

I took Paddy across the river back to his vehicle before waving our farewells and I saw him go as I banged, bounced and splashed my way over the river crossing again.

Ken slept on, so I watched the parts of the coronation that I had missed yesterday, and little Raafie came inside to sleep alongside me on the couch. I love the way he asks me for that. Very cute!

Tomorrow at three o’clock we are ‘Celebrating Brian Eldridge’s Life’ in our church, so I have a some baking to do for that. At about half past three I put the oven on and am waiting now for it to reach the right temperature so I can begin baking. The first thing I will bake is a chocolate sponge cake, then some large cheesy muffins, and maybe a quiche too. I will also do a fancy apple fruit display on a plate for those not into cakes or anything fattening! (I did not think such people existed but … apparently, they do! I do not belong to that tribe!)

While I was busy getting our supper ready – just toasties tonight – Ken lit the fire which was so nice as our home was soon lovely and warm for the night.

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy each moment in each day. Such simple instructions, but so hard to do.

What am I grateful for today? Paddy’s safe arrival back home in Terrigal.

My saying for today is …

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