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Blog for Sunday 8th January 2023

It would have been my Mum’s 98th birthday today, but she went to heaven on 1st July 2022 – I miss her so but know that where she is now, she is ageless and incredibly happy!

Again, I was a late riser this morning, only getting out of bed at twenty to five, but then I battled to go to sleep last night, plus with Paddy and Matt’ here with us I feel as if I am on holiday! Lazy wench!

After my Quiet Time and also after sending out our pastor’s sermon online to those unable to get to church today, I went downstairs and showered and dressed for church.

Ken, bless him, was up and out of bed early as I had mentioned to him last night, that we had to leave the farm by twenty past eight this morning. The reason being, that I had to purchase several things for the morning tea at church today.

I offered to buy the fruit and arrange it on platters and also to get two dips and savory biscuits - both ordinary and gluten free.

I am pleased to inform you that we did indeed leave the farm on time, and I was able to slip into the IGA and get the items needed and had enough time to wash, cut and arrange the fruit and help slice and arrange the cakes, slices and scones et cetera that others had brought for morning tea.

We had the large morning tea because Carol and Colin - two stalwart members and both very active in our church - leave to live in Queensland this coming week to be nearer their grandson, and today was their last day with us. We shall sorely miss them both.

After the service I helped sort the kitchen out and then it was time to head back home.

But first, we had to make another stop at the IGA for me to get a few things for home.

We got back home just before one o’clock and while we had been out at church Paddy and Matt’ had done a sterling job of endeavoring to fix the ‘yards. While they are here with us, we will have to do some cattle work and the ’yards seriously needed some TLC! So “Thanks Paddy and Matt’!”

For lunch, I put out some salads, cheeses, chicken, ham and so on for toasties or wraps and everyone had to make their own. I had some of the fruit that was left over from the morning tea at church. Mmmmmmm, delicious!

After lunch all four of us retired to our respective beds. I had a snap snooze before arising and going up to my studio. There I listened to more of my courses, one on each of – art – writing – and biblical ones.

In the afternoon I watched Paddy (on the tractor) and Matt’ (using a spade or whatever tool necessary) remove an old tree from the ‘yards, remove part of the ‘yard fencing and drill more deep holes for strainer posts using the augur on the tractor. They achieved such a lot out there! Impressive!

In the early evening Matt’ made a fire outside for us and later Paddy cooked the steaks and kebabs for me. It was nice just to sit outside and watch the day slowly slide down the sky and disappear.

Today had been another good day in my life.

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy the moment.

What am I grateful for today? The time we got to spend with people like Carol and Colin while they lived in this area.

My saying for today is …

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