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Blog for Sunday 7th January 2024

I hopped out of bed all spry like (not!) and there was my beloved feline howling and yowling for more food. Honestly! Does she never not want food, I ask you with tears in my eyes?

I had a wonderfully good snooze last night – no getting up in the middle of the night – no terrible nightmares – I just slept! Oops! But before I went to sleep, I had such cramp in the lower part of my one leg – it was really, ainah, and I got out of bed to walk and to somehow stop the cramping. Then I had a light bulb moment – one of my little sisters, Sheelagh, had given me a spray to counteract cramps. Just a couple of squirts under the tongue and like magic … all gone cramp! Magical mootee.

G-r-e-a-t! This morning I woke to yuckiness. Shamara had kotched all over the tablecloth on the dining-room table! Don’t you just love those moments in your life? Ah! The joys of having pets. I cleaned it all up with much heave-ho-ing going on, (from me!)  as I am not good with things like that! Done … and I am still here!

I fed Shamara, made my coffee, and headed up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Later, I went downstairs and had a shower and got ready for church.

I woke Ken up at eight o’clock and then it was a rush-rush-rush to leave the farm on time. We hared along the roads at great speeds, until we were stuck behind a guy towing a caravan, then managed to squeak and squeal into a parking spot at church, about three minutes late – Ken having dropped me off first to get inside and find us somewhere to sit.

It was lovely seeing our friends again and Tony’s sermon was encouraging and confronting at the same time! Very good.

Straight after church Ken drove us to the Forsythe’s home as Norm’ had been working on Ken’s large quad bike which needed much work done on it, and it was ready now to take home again. Ken was delighted!

From the Forsythe’s home we headed back to the farm.

Once home Ken headed off for his siesta and I decided to take down my case of quilting fabrics and peruse through them.  I sorted them into piles of colors and folded them neatly before replacing them in the case. Also in this case were masses of hexagons that I had began to make, many moons ago. So, that is a project that I have decided I will continue to do – making tablecloths and quilts and throws using all these little scraps of fabric, now hexagons.

I love reading or listening to podcasts or audio books, but I dislike just sitting whilst doing that. In fact, I will not do that. Now I have something to do when I am taking a break to listen to some book – I can make and sew together hexagons! That will bring me great joy.

I am not sure what sort of patterns I will decide on when using these hexagons but will look for inspirations in my Pinterest Boards and online.

Today slowly expired.

It had been a lovely quiet and gentle day – a proper Sunday-sort-of-a-day. Just time to rest and relax a little.

Tonight, we had a cold meal – salads and cold meats - as the day had been so hot, and one does not really feel like eating at all.

I was soon in bed and listening to my audio book again. But … I succeeded to do what I normally do – fall asleep and wake up several chapters later still listening and not knowing what the heck is going on in

In the morning I rewind my audio book back to where I remember the story!  (I think that is what they call ‘old age’!)

What lesson did I learn today? When I see something that needs to be done and I am capable of doing it, then that gets put on my To Do List and I will do it.

What am I grateful for today? That Ken and I belong to a first-rate little church.

My saying for today is …


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