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Blog for Thursday 11th January 2024

Hallelujah! I did not wake up screaming and terrifying the household this morning! I simply opened my eyes and gently rolled out of bed. Wonderful! I had a good night’s sleep without any nightmares.

After my Quiet Time I checked my grocery list, and what we needed to do in town today. I had bags of things to take to the Salvos, so put those out by the front door so I could not forget them, plus the cooler box and our Aldis bags for the groceries.

We only left the farm very late this morning, which was a pity, but … it was the way it was!

In the time we had, we got an awful lot done in town and we seemed to pop in and out of different shops at the speed of light. I also had my hair trimmed, so I am now feeling a lot lighter to the head!

I was well pleased with what we did manage to get done today.

Our last stop was at ‘The Holy Cow’, (our butchery) and the Timbertown IGA – when I went into the ‘The Holy Cow’ to get our meat, Ken popped into the IGA to get some greens for our chooks, then it was home again, home again jiggety-jog.

But as I was driving out from our parking in front of The Holy Cow, I saw out the corner of my eye my special friend Cathy Boyce. I tried to get the words out so that Ken knew what I was so excited about, I was saying over and over, “It’s … it’s … it’s …C-C-C-C-athy!” But I came to a screeching halt in front of Cathy, Micah, Jeremy and Luke, so I stopped the car and hopped out to give them all a long overdue hug, as did Ken.

WHAT a lovely surprise and a beautiful way to end our day. I could have kicked myself that I did not take a photo of the four of them. ‘Next time Cathy!’

Raafie was beside himself with undiluted joy when we arrived back home, and as usual we received a royal welcome from our furry little hound. Dogs have a wonderful gift of making one feel so special!

Ken and I skipped supper as we had had a very late lunch in town and neither of us were hungry, but we gulped down a glass or two of water as it had been another really hot day.

I took two photos of Ken’s Comrade Marathon medals which I had framed for him for Christmas. He spent over ten years of his life preparing for those incredibly long runs (I think they were over 92kms each!) and completing them. He also won three silver medals for covering that distance by a certain time too.

The second photo is to show you where I have placed it on the wall in our living area. I apologize for the lampshade-less lamp stand, but I am busy remaking the shade, so it is looking a little naked at the moment! The lampstand is made from an old acacia tree that Ken bought (in South Africa) for one of our wedding anniversaries.

Ken's Comrades Marathon Medals


One wall in our living area

Again, no rain for today unfortunately, but … there is always tomorrow!

I am quite sure that I went to sleep smiling tonight as it was just so nice to see Cathy and her three boys – who I may add, are overtaking her in height! Seeing them again after so long, was enough to make me smile inside and out!

What lesson did I learn today? God sprinkles little happinesses throughout our days, and all we need to do, is recognize them.

What am I grateful for today? Meeting up with Cathy Boyce, Micah, Jeremy and Luke again.

My saying for today is …

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