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Blog for Thursday 11th May 2023

Well, well, well! Raafie has decided that I get up far too early and that it is warmer to remain in his fluffy little bed. So, when I get up I take him for a wee walk and then he runs as fast as his short little legs can carry him back to his bed, leaving me to go and have my Quiet Time on my own!

Raafie only moves again at about half past seen! Lazy little hound.

Later, and after tidying our home I went up to my studio, and for most of the day worked on the talks or lessons I will be giving over the next few days – a talk in church on Sunday, teaching a Sunday School lesson and the two SRE scripture lessons at school on Monday.

It really sounds like a one-two-three sort of operation for preparation, but in all honesty it takes me forever and a day, as I do a lot of research using the Bible, Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries and Manners & Customs of the Bible et cetera. That consumes time, big time! But it really is work that I thrive on and enjoy.

I have had Raafie up and down to my studio. The up is fine as he rushes at great speeds up the stairs, but he is too scared to go down. So, guess who has the job of carrying the shivering, quaking little furry body down the stairs.? Me. It would be fine except he loves the running up the stairs so does that frequently!

Well, it is forced exercise for me I guess, so I best quit moaning about it!

Both Ken and I enjoyed the pasta dish last night, so we will finish that dish off tonight with some fresh salad for our supper. Wonderful! No work to be done really.

Oh, I cannot wait for this evening when I can continue to watch my Binge series. Yes, I am hooked but trying to be good and disciplined – only one episode per night. So far, so good!

What lesson did I learn to day? To be disciplined even when I do not want to be!

What am I grateful for today? That I have basically got all the talks or lessons done today! Whoo-hoo! I can go to sleep smiling!

My saying for today is …

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