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Blog for Thursday 12th January 2023

Yahee! I was wide awake at twenty to four this morning and got up a few minutes later! That is more like it.

I fed Shamara and tiptoed up the stairs to my studio and hoped that I had not disturbed Paddy, Matt’s or Pumpkin (Paddy’s cat) sleep too much.

After my Quiet Time I was able to do some studying – and I am transcribing from the lectures I am listening to and am loving doing that.

Then it was time for breakfast and all systems go!

Ken was to meet a delivery being brought to our Highway gate of ten bales of hay at nine in the morning. That meant Ken had to high tail it over there to open the gate and then he had to ferry one bale at a time across the river and stack them down at the bottom shed. He fed one bale out to the bulls who were simply delighted.

Paddy and Matt’ did that back breaking and teeth jarring work of digging holes – 95cm, 1.5m and another two also a meter plus each. That is terrible work as the ground out in the ‘yards is iron hard, packed clay and is ridiculously difficult to dig in. I so admired their effort as I could see that both Paddy and Matt’ were taking strain working out there in the sun. But they have, once again, done a sterling job and things are getting done on the farm that Ken could not do on his own. Marvelous!

I put on two washes then began to work at the very back of the main area of the shed. I am trying to see what needs to be done, then putting it on my To Do List and getting it done. I would like to also sort things out that are merely clutter, or have not been used in years and years, and give them away or sell them.

This morning I selected the three antique chairs that are from our dining room table set to work on. There are two carvers and six chairs in all, of alight oak. But, these three chairs need some serious tender loving care. Ken has wanted a craftsman to mend them for us as he does not have the experience to work on them. So, this morning I dusted, wiped with a damp cloth, then oiled each of these chairs. I also need to re-upholster two of them, that I can do if Ken helps me as we have already done the other six chairs together. As to the mending of the chairs I think we must take them through to the Work Men’s Shed or somewhere and just get them fixed. I was almost tempted this morning to find some wood glue and some dirty great big nails to hold these chairs together again!

Rats! Ken noticed that wicked glint in my eye and warned me not to try to mend the chairs myself! But … he is right, (which is rather annoying!) So, I refrained from creating a disaster.

From the chairs I moved into the kitchen and rubbed and scrubbed pots, pans, and slow cookers, then loaded the dishwasher and got the kitchen looking un-bombed! That neat look lasts for but a few minutes, I may add!

I also had an email to send out to the congregation today, so did that. Then it was time to create something for lunch. Today it was just more of the same old-same old. Wraps, toasties, plus cold meats, sliced cheese and salads, which we have at lunch times as it is quick, cold and easy!

In the afternoon when everyone was lying down, reading, watching a movie or snoozing I did a painting exercise from one of my art courses, and am now waiting for it to dry before I can continue. I am trying to do a little of each course per day and aim at getting them all completed by the end of this year. That is a LOT of work as I have many courses to complete!

Tonight for supper I am making a risotto to be served with pork fillets and a mushroom sauce. I am interested to see (and taste) what it turns out to be like.

“Thank you, Paddy!” He braai-ed the pork fillets while we all sat outside by the fire, just enjoying the last of the day. The fillets were nice and tender, but the rest of the fare was okay, not that great.

Another day lived in well and it was time to rest now.

What lesson did I learn today? To do what I can and to push my boundaries to do more.

What am I grateful for today? All the big and little goals that I set in my life to achieve.

My saying for today is …

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