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Blog for Thursday 12th October 2023

At just before four o’clock this morning my alarm began her shrieking, trying to wake us all up, except I had not wanted it to even start it’s tinny tune. I set my alarm last night to make sure that I woke Josh’ up as he, James and Robert had to leave the house by six’ o’clock this morning at the latest, as they were going on an Impala (a buck/deer) hunt. James had organized this hunt especially for Josh’ to experience a hunt, which was very kind of him.

Before I forget here are a few photos from the wedding - we have not yet pooled our photos and the videographer and photographer's photos will still be a few more weeks to come out.

Andrew and Tyra'

From Left: Scott, Melissa, Kerry, James, Mich' and Robert

The Taylor brothers - Scott, James and Robert

Josh' (one of our six grandsons) with me in the front of the chapel

Okay, back to the shrieking alarm clock … I had obviously 9some time during the night) put the alarm clock into bed with me (as you do!) and it had then fallen out and onto the floor. Great! Now, the wretched bit of tick-tock was shrieking on and on and on. I was desperately searching the shelves alongside my bed, then Josh’ woke up and we were both hunting around the room for the now almost hoarse alarm clock! Josh’ turned the lights on and there the offending tick-tock lay exposed on the floor under some of my bedclothes!

I told Josh’ to go back to sleep and I tiptoed out our bedroom and sat in the bathroom, to have my Quiet Time followed by my writing my blog for the day.

I woke Josh’ up an hour later. There was much hurry-scurry happening as the three men packed, had a coffee and then left.

Slowly, slowly the household woke up. Tyra’ left for work, I had a shower and so did Mich’ later, then Kerry’ also work up. Kerry’, Mich’ and I hit the shops, and it was so interesting to see how things had changed since I was here last, which was in October 2014.

I am so excited as I bought some curries and spices – which I have not come across in Australia – and they sealed them for me so that I will be able to bring them back with me to Australia. Beatuiful names like ‘Masala Kashmiri with Spices; Mrs Mother-in-Law; Orange Pepper; Gorimas Mix Masala.T he Indian lady there who served me was so helpful and she said I could order online from Australia if I wanted to. Whoo-hoo! That will be wonderful!

I had such fun spending some of my birthday money I bought a beaded giraffe and guinea fowl and six little brightly coloured beaded coasters. Then Kerry’ took us – Mich’ and mwah to a clothing shop and I ought a plain blue top and some black and white palazzo longs. We also managed to squeeze in some time for a coffee and HUGE muffin. Kerry’ and I had the lemon and poppy muffins and Mich’ had a caramel one – mmmmm, they were absolutely delicious!

When we got back home Mich’ headed off for a siesta and Kerry’ and I took the dogs for a walk – or rather to play ball, and we also dropped off the ceramic pieces we painted yesterday at the pottery lady to have them fired before we fly out next Sunday.

The internet was still not working as two towers were down – apparently, some ‘unauthorised men’ had entered the towers and stolen the batteries! It is at moments like that, that I KNOW I am back in Africa! The powers that be were assessing the damage and then would order the parts needed and only then would the towers be fixed! So, not much hope for me having internet while we are here!

I am praying that my sister’s mobile is working (she is coming to visit me for two days and nights) because I will have no way of contacting anyone while James. Kerry’, Robert, Mich’ and Josh’ are doing their bush walk through the game reserve in Hluhluwe, but God has me in His hands and that is more than okay by me.

When Kerry’ and I got back home from the park, Mich’ had just woken up and then a little later Tyra’ and Kristen (her Matron of Honour at the wedding) arrived and the five of us females had curry and rice and wine together. There was much noise as stories were related accompanied by loud happy laughter. Plus, a huge storm with thunder and lighting and heavy rain was happening outside. Kristen decided she would go with them for the walk through the game reserve so Kerry’ will pick her up on their way tomorrow early morning. I think it is going to be one crazy walk, but I am happy to be remaining behind looking after the two dogs and two cats and having my sister and niece coming to stay with me. I am just too old to be running from an irritated rhino or hungry lion!

We waved ‘Goodbye!’ to Kristen as she returned home and the four of us – Kerry’, Tyra’, Mich’ and mwah headed to our respective beds to sleep.

Another incredible day disappeared into the night as I closed my eyes and slept.

What lesson did I learn today? Age really creates no barriers if you do not allow it to.

What am I grateful for today? A fun day out and about.

My saying for today is …

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