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Blog for Thursday 16th March 2023

The new day arrived wrapped in soft layers of mist giving the early morning a magical aura.

Today our Bible Study Group has been cancelled as one couple is away and the other two couples have medical appointments, which means that I have the whole day to do whatsoever I desire to do in it! How lovely!

Ken has twenty bales of really good silage arriving in the early morning, so that will keep him very busy for most of today, shuttling those bales across the river, one bale at a time on the tractor. Wonderful to be able to do that for our cattle.

Ken went across the river to help the two guys bringing the silage in offloading the bales. Ken left the top shed at about ten-ish in order to meet the truck at the Highway gate and let them in as it really is a dangerous turnoff, especially when you see the speed some of those huge trucks come down the highway at.

It took Ken hours and hours of patiently ferrying, one bale at a time, across the river on the tractor, to the bottom shed area. For those several hours I think it was from about ten in the morning to four in the afternoon, there was that constant growl of the tractor in the background. A sound that represents hard and heavy work to me.

I put on loads of washing and stripped Paddy’s bed to wash the bed linen and have it ready for when he comes up next time.

Tomorrow Ken and I are planning to spend time in town as I want to buy him some decent jeans and some bits and pieces and I will get my hair cut to prevent that Merino (rather woolly sheep) look I get!

Today I concentrated on completing my SRE lessons for Monday, and hopefully I will, by the end of this day, have sorted out what games to play at the end of the lesson. I am determined to have that done and dusted by this evening!

Yes! I did that! My lessons for Monday are all done with games included – Hallelujah!

In the late afternoon I sat outside as it was still so very hot and watched the crazy antics of our guinea fowl and listened to the cattle rhythmically munching grass in the Home Camp. Such a beautiful, serene scene to end my day with.

What lesson did I learn today? To live in the moment.

What am I grateful for today? A quiet day at home.

My saying for today is …

Happiness is an inside job.”

William Arthur Ward

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