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Blog for Thursday 16th May 2024


Oh dear! I shot out of bed thinking I had overslept but it was only just before four o’clock. Whew! Thank goodness!

Even Shamara meowed her gratitude that I was up early.

I had my Quiet Time and then did my Bible study for the day. I also went over the lessons I would be teaching later today at school and checked that I had the items needed for the games at the end of the lessons. All good!

I did some washing and hung it out to dry seeing there did not look as if we would be getting any more rain today. Wonderful!

I again (I think silly me!) swept and mopped the floors, but honestly it is a waste of time as Raafie only has to run in after being outside, and our home becomes a mud bespattered abode!

They say that the sign of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over but expecting a different result! I would say then, I should be in a strait jacket!

Hopefully I will be sending birthday gifts back with Paddy (after this weekend) for Mich’ and Ethan’s birthdays, as we will not see them for those special occasions. But Mich’, Robert, Josh’ and Ethan are going to try to come up for a weekend after the end of this month.

I got Ken to bring up the stiff broom from the bottom shed so I could sweep out the top shed and get some level of cleanliness happening there!

Paddy arrives tonight and he will sleep here overnight and then drive the ute’ down to the Central Coast tomorrow morning. There he will load it with all the shelving et cetera needed for the top farm shed, and then he and Tamryn will drive back again to the farm tomorrow!

They will know the Freeway and the Oxley Highway well by tomorrow night!

We will just have the curried mince and brown rice with buttered bread and chutney again tonight. I love the curry mixes that I bought in South Africa in October 2023. Where we lived in South Africa (Kwa Zulu Natal) has the largest Indian population outside India, and so their spices and curry powders are easily available out there.

I had a lovely day at school today and all the children were well-behaved too. Not that they are normally badly behaved, they are not, but sometimes their energy cannot be contained, and it overflows electrifying the room!

What lesson did I learn today?  The sheer joy of laughter!

What am I grateful for today? Time spent with children.

My saying for today is …

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