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Blog for Thursday 16th November 2023

It was good to wake up with Ken asleep beside me plus Raafie plus Shamara! Our bed is like a zoo, I fear!

Of course, the moment I twitch a muscle Madam Feline is onto me like a rash, threading herself in and out my ankles and directing me towards her food bowl! Bless her four paws!

You know those morning when you just look around you and think ‘What a wonderful life I have!’? Well today is one of those for me. It is a feeling of total happiness bubbling beneath the surface of my being. Lovely stuff drenched in a gratefulness for being alive! I thank God for our family too, who make my life worth living.

Okay, okay Gail that is enough about you, dearie.

Remember the other day I said I would continue looking for my beautiful brand, new audio ear bud? W-e-l-l. I found it. Outside. And unfortunately, Raafie must have grabbed it as it fell when I dropped the container, and this is what it looks like now. Demolished!

Only one survived.

My hopes of finding it unharmed were dashed to pieces as I picked it up out of the grass. I shall have to operate using the one only!

Today has been a lovely quiet day. We had been expecting huge amounts of rain (according to the weather report) but … nope! Nary a drop until evening, and that was a quick downpour of a few minutes and then that was that. Very disappointing, but at least we got a few drops.

This morning I spent working on my SRE lessons for school on Monday. All I have to do now is choose a game for the little ones – the older class I have organised. Wonderful!

I am not sure whether I will be needed to teach in Kids Church as the Taylor children will be away – Matt’ contacted me to tell me that, but I will prepare the lesson anyway in case some children are there.

I made a few phone calls today to check on my friends who have had an op’ recently or who are still in hospital, and thankfully they are all improving steadily.

In the afternoon, while Ken had his siesta, I listened to several podcasts just because I could and because I was not motivated to do housework of any kind! (Wicked wench!) It was a lovely way to spend some of my time.

As it was such a hot day again, for our supper I made a cold pasta dish. I cook the pasta in some chicken stock to add flavour and allow it to cool. I then chop up some tuna or salmon (tinned) with onion, tomatoes, chunks of cheese, garlic (I also add cucumber if I have any) and mix them. (You can add pretty much whatever you have in your fridge – red, green, and yellow peppers et cetera). I then make a sauce of loads and loads of mayonnaise, tomato sauce, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce and mix them all together with the pasta. It is a quick and easy dish but really nice to have when it is hot outside. Serve with fresh bread rolls.

Tonight, as I have finished watching SAS Australia, and am in no haste to begin any other series – as they are far too addictive, I chose to read instead.

Ken had a quiet day after his day in hospital yesterday.

What lesson did I learn today? To really enjoy my life consciously.

What am I grateful for today? My life.

My saying for today is …

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