Blog for Thursday 17thNovember 2022

It was good to know that Paddy had got home last night just after nine o’clock, safe and sound.

I whipped out of bed feeling guilty as it was already five o’clock, I quickly fed Shamara, made my coffee and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time and get my notes et cetera together for our Bible Study Group at Keith and Julie’s this morning.

I had iced my chocolate cake and so got that ready to take with us for morning tea.

It was lovely as today Ian (Knowles) joined our Bible Study Group, but he landed up in the “wilderness” after taking a wrong turn! He certainly saw a lot more of the countryside than he was meant to, but it was good to have him join us even if a little later!

As we all have something on next Thursday – dentist, doctors, cystoscopy or visitors we have changed our meeting to the Friday so that we can meet next week. This time it will be in Noel and Sandra’s home in Ellenborough.

When we got back home (which was well after noon), Ken headed off to have his siesta and I went up to my studio to plan my SRE lessons for next week, write emails and generally get things done that needed to be done.

I am trying to make plans as to how I can sort out my veggie patch as the grass and weeds are a major problem in there at the moment. Initially I was going to try to kill the grass and weeds, but now that I am getting a battery-operated whipper snipper, I think I may leave the grass there and keep it short myself have it nice and neat. That means I need Ken to help me remove the old veggie bed structure that is in the middle, as I would like the ground to be level.

I can but dream!

Oh yahee! My very good friend Hester has sent me another chapter of the book she is writing. Honestly, she is a brilliant writer, and I am so proud of her ability in this field. Plus, English is not her home language, it is her second language and yet she expresses herself far, far better than I can, who am English speaking!

I shall now leopard crawl out the room speaking Zulu!

The rest of my day slowly leaked away, and the darkness of night stained the blue linen of the sky. It was time to wind down and relax.

For supper, as Ken did not want any chips, (I had French fries ready to go) we only had poached eggs on toast with pork sausages. Very boring but filling.

I crawled into bed and was soon sound asleep as I had finished my audio book and was tired. In fact, I did not even hear Ken come to bed later. I was well down the road with all the odd socks and unicorns!

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy the day.

What am I grateful for today? Good friends.

My saying for today is …

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