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Blog for Thursday 18th Janaury 2024


How wonderful! We had a further 19mm of rain overnight, and the one little dam (recently cleaned out is almost overflowing into the larger dam below it - down near the bottom shed. Plus, the river is way up – I could see it from my window in my studio, which means it is fuller.

When we crossed the river, the water was a little deeper, but not scarily so. It was nice to see the river fuller, but the water is now a ginger beer color, and no longer clear. Such a pity as we have good friends arriving this coming Wednesday to spend the day here with us. W-e-l-l. that is if they can get across the river should we get more and more and more rain before then!

Nah! I am not complaining. I am delighted to have a surplus of water!

Ken and I arrived at our Bible Study Group late – something you all know I hate doing. But … it was what it was. It is just when I am leading, I prefer to be there extra early so I can be relaxed and not arrive in a kerfuffle, sweating on the top lip as I scramble to find a chair and a place at the table! But there were others who arrived later than us, so that was that. ‘Get over it, Gail Morgan!’

It was a lovely morning spent with really good friends. Unfortunately, poor Marg’ had a turn just as they were about to leave home – she thinks it was another vertigo attack, poor woman. We missed having her therewith us today, and Keith and Julie were still up in Queensland visiting relatives. However, Tony (our pastor) and young Nick (who is doing a theological degree,) came out to see how we run our Bible Study Group, and it was great to have them there with us.

It was a good morning and as we drove back to the farm it began to spit. Not long after getting back home the thunder began grumbling and making threatening noises but the storms rolled over us, none leaving us a drop of rain! It is crazy how often that happens.

I lay down on the couch with the fan on high as it was extremely humid, sticky and cloying, and then I drifted off into a light doze for a few minutes. Marvelous.

Later, Raafie and I went up to my studio for me to plan what to do tomorrow, and for me to write emails, texts and so on.

I think, if we do not have rain tomorrow, I will begin to clean the windows. NOT my favorite job, but once I begin it is fine. If it rains, I will wash, wipe and dry the blinds instead – and that is a job which is no fun at all! I wish there was some magic want to wave in front of them and they would be clean, but … nope, I will have to do the hard yards and NOT complain! (Maybe I could just mutter quietly!)

One of our grandson’s close young friend’s died last night – wretched cancer. I don’t think he was even twenty years old. Death, especially when it comes to one so terribly young is very confronting to his peers and family. I pray for their comfort in such a deeply sad time.

Ah! I have just looked at the weather forecasts for the next week and it looks as if the rain will slow down, which means the river should be nice and clean again shortly. But I am not sure whether the Taylor family will still come out as their friends, who were coming with them, have had to cancel due to work problems.

Our day leaked away. Night arrived and it was time for bed. Today was gone forever!

What lesson did I learn today? To be a woman of integrity always.

What am I grateful for today? A morning spent with good friends studying the Bible together.

My saying for today is …

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