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Blog for Thursday 18th May 2023

A new day in which I could live life to the fullest in (or not,) arrived in the small, dark hours of today! Yahee! I look forward to the adventures of today.

Last night I put Raafie in bed with us as it was cold and he was battling to stay warm, poor little tyke. I think that is what has been waking him up and then poor little guy, I take him outside for a wee walk and he gets even colder! Whereas last night he slept right through and was as warm as a bug in a rug, and so were we!

I went off to Bible Study on my own this morning as Ken had to dispose of a cow of ours that had died on our neighbour’s property. This neighbour is really a nice guy and likes our cattle to chew his grass down for him, as he owns none, and it is difficult for him to keep his grass under control, hence some of our bovines are “employed” to mow down the grass on his property.

It is sad but quite a few of our cattle are getting on in age and so we can expect some of them to leave us as this one just has.

In our Bible Study Group two were away on a mission trip, Ken was out disposing of said bovine, so there were only five of us there this morning, but more than enough for some good discussions to take place.

I only got back home after twelve just as Ken was going out to the back of the farm. After which he got home at about two o’clock to have his siesta.

Ken had a good day today, so I am praying that his health has now turned the corner and he is heading for one hundred percent full health again. Shame, it has been a hard slog for him after COVID.

I did some washing today and hung it out to flap in the breeze, then I took out all the ironing that I needed to do later in the day, but not too late as I have a Church Board meeting at 5.30pm I also need to get things ready for the family – not sure yet if that means just Paddy and Matt’, or whether Ash’ and Tamryn are also coming up with them as well. (Shoo, not sure that they all realize that we will be weaning and that includes a cacophony of sound during the nights!)

This weekend we have weaning to do! Never a fun job, but we have an order for some of our weaners so need to get a wiggle on and sort that out.

As I have a meeting tonight, I have already half prepared our supper. I have cooked the veggies to be heated later – mashed potatoes, butternut and peas. The pork tender loins I will cook when the meeting is finished. Otherwise, if I wait until after the meeting to begin cooking, it makes it a late night for us two oldies and that we cannot do!

In the afternoon I wrote out a couple of recipes which I recently got from Mich’ and a good friend of mine. I love trying our something new and one was for a Thai Chicken dish and the other for a winter dessert with mixed berries. Both look delicious.

Yahee! I did all the ironing and the meeting for the Church Board went well too. A good day all round!

What lesson did I learn today? it is good to tick the items off ones To Do List for the Day/

What am I grateful for today? Good friends.

My saying for today is …

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