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Blog for Thursday 19th January 2023

Initially I could not locate where all that tinny ditty was coming from – Ah yes! My wretched alarm clock! Best I remove its battery!


My day had begun in the dark …

Later after my Quiet Time, when I could hear that the household was awake, I went down to have a shower and get dressed for a day in town.

This morning, bless Ken and Paddy, they loaded the old stove onto the ute’ to take it to the scrap metal dealers. I am thrilled to have one less thing in the main area of the shed now. I shall slowly work around getting them to remove items not longer working, needed or used. It will be so good to have more open space as it would make it a whole lot easier for me to clean.

Ken and I waved a fond farewell to Paddy, two cats, four dogs, twenty guinea fowl and about two hundred cattle as we banged and bounced across our river crossing.

Ken, Paddy and I were all smiles this morning, because the weathermen had predicted 20mm of rain for our area for today. Wonderful!

As Ken and I whipped around town getting groceries, calling in at the scrap metal dealers, getting diesel for the week, and me getting my hair cut, and ordering straining posts, I text Paddy to find out how much rain we had got.

NOTHING! Nada. Niks. Not a drop!

‘Okay, so who do I speak to about these weathermen’s cinsistently incorrect predictions’, I ask, snorting like a bull!

Well, we shall just have to hope for rain on another day this week seeing it did not arrive today. We need it ever so badly, and now with the fertilizer down, even more so.

It was good to be home again – we got back at just before half past a four. Ken helped me carry the groceries in, then I unpacked and put them away while he had a rest and checked his messages on his i-phone. Paddy was home but working on his i-pad, catching up with his business of veterinarian products.

One thing that I was delighted with purchasing today, was a curved cat scratch pad. Well, I think it is just a cat scratch thing, but Shamara reckons it is her bed. She so loved this style (shaped like the letter ‘S’ lying down) that her first one has now just split (genuinely) from being over-loved (and I guess her weight too may have helped!) I was so happy to see that K-Mart had them in again that I bought her two – one for downstairs and one for in my studio. She has already scratched a few love marks on her downstairs bed!

As I was walking around in Settlement City (Ken had already left me to go into a shop there and I was off to get shorn) someone behind me called out “Gail!” but I did not turn around as I did not think anyone would be calling me, nor did I recognize the voice. When my name was called again the second time, but this time much louder, I turned around and there behind me were two of the children that I have taught at school. The one starts High School next week (I will miss her at school), and it was she who called me. Her little brother James was so excited to see me and gave me a hug – he goes into Year 2 this year. Their little sister – not in kindergarten yet, told me that she knew me as she had seen me before. When I asked her where she had seen me, she stated quite definitely, at the local pub! I corrected her telling her that I thought she had seen me at school when she came with her mum to fetch her two older siblings, she thought about it, but still insisted she had seen me at the pub … maybe just once!

Tonight, as I am always a bit tired after a day of whizzing around at speed in town, we shall have curry and rice leftovers. I was lucky enough to buy two bottles of the South African Mrs. Ball Fruit chutney, when I was in Woolies today. Nice with curry!

I am still hoping that maybe during tonight we may have a hefty storm and clouds that drop their load of water over our farm. Nothing wrong with dreaming.

I was not feeling a hundred percent tonight so left the men to chat and eat and I climbed into bed.

What lesson did I learn today? To plan and pace myself.

What am I grateful for today? That I got all I needed to do in town, done.

My saying for today is …

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