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Blog for Thursday 19th October 2023

James was up and out early this morning to go surfing in Durban, so I remained in my bedroom to allow Kerry’ to have a bit of a longer snooze – shoo, she has worked so hard having us all here. It is not that easy to have four extra people in your home for almost three weeks, but both James and Kerry’ have coped well!

When I had had my Quiet Time and uploaded my blog for yesterday I tidied my clothes and then I could hear Kerry’ was up so I went downstairs to join her.

Kerry’ set us up at the dining room table again, this time she had to get an order (of her wax papers) ready and out for a shop that had ordered them.

While Kerry’ was doing that I played by scribbling in white ink on black paper, and I made six little gift tags which I will mount on stiffer paper when I get back home.

Kerry’ put the table runner she made yesterday when we were painting and experimenting on the table, and it looked lovely. She really is such a talented lady!

The table runner Kerry' made yesterday!

Our work station

Kerry's wax paper order in the foreground.

My gift tags in progress

Mich’ sent me a text recommending a movie on Amazon Prime, “The Burial’ based on a true story – and so James, Kerry’ and I watched it after lunch, and the three of us really enjoyed it.

A little later – in the late afternoon - James took Kerry’, me and the two dogs down to the Ballito ski boat club to let the dogs have a run and chase after the ball. They provided us with many a good belly laugh. Then James suggested that Kerry’ and I go up to the club house and have a drink. I chose to have a Fanta as that is not a normal drink in Australia, so I had one for old times’ sake, and Kerry’ had a soda water.

James and Sheedah

It was a lovely way to end the day, and James and Kerry’ had wanted to take me out for a meal tonight but all three of us were far too full from lunch. In the end Kerry’ made a mince and pasta dish but I was far too full to eat, instead I nibbled on some Provita biscuits (my passion!) with Bovril and Kerry’ had added cheese, pickles and hummus to my plate.

I sat and watched a surfing competition with James, then the general knowledge game with The Chaser, and after that Kerry’ and I watched another episode of SAS Australia.

James went to bed early as he had been up very early this morning, and Kerry’ and I went to bed at nine o’clock – an early night for once!

What lesson did I learn today? To do what I love and make time for doing it.

What am I grateful for today? Another day spent with family.

My saying for today is …

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