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Blog for Thursday 1st February 2024

(So sorry that my blog is late but I had laptop hiccups this morning, but ... all is now well!)

Wow! So, today we are officially starting the second month of 2024 already! Time is simply speeding up or … I am slowing down so that makes time seem like it is whizzing by!


I had my Quiet Time up in my studio before getting all my paraphernalia together for a morning at our Bible Study Group in Ellenborough.

My goodness gracious golly gee! WHAT a lovely morning the eight of us had together. You know one of those days when everyone chips into the conversation and the discussions were interesting, informative and fun. None of us really wanted to leave, but of course we had to.

As I will be teaching at school on a Thursday this term, we have agreed to change our Bible Study Group to a Wednesday. We will start that next week as I am not sure (just waiting on the school to let me know) if I will be teaching next week at school or the following week. The reason is the powers that be, must have in writing from the parents whether they will allow their child/children to attend SRE classes or not.

Once home from Ellenborough - and yoh! It was hot! – Ken headed off to have his siesta and I worked on the scriptures I had written down to check in the Old Testament on the Second Coming. Very interesting. The rest of our Bible Study Group had asked me to send those Scriptures to them as they too wanted to check them out, so I did that. I am interested to hear what they thought.

I also did three large loads of washing but did not hang them out – will do so tomorrow early morning – as the cattle were up here in the Home Camp, and they can stroll under the washing making what was clean dirty again! I chose to wait until they were out the Home Camp.

For our supper tonight I made a salmon dish which was very nice. I had bought just five thick slices of salmon, and this is how I prepared it …

·         I seasoned the salmon fillets with salt and pepper. Then I spread some Onion, Garlic and Chilli mix onto the top side of each fillet.

·         Added olive oil to the pan, heated it up and made sure it was coated all over. Placed the fillets ‘chilli side down’ into the oil and sauteed them for 3- 4 minutes. Flipped them over and quickly poured in a tin of Light Coconut Milk.

·         Lift the fillets so that the Coconut Milk flows under them too.

·         I added a little ginger and a tad more chilli mix to the milk, plus salt and pepper.

·         Cooked the fillets for another 5 – 7 minutes – (depends on the thickness of the fillets.)

I served the salmon with just buttered small baked potatoes, and both Ken and I loved this meal.

Not long after our meal I headed for bed to read for a while … a very short while ... before I succumbed to sleep!

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy and live in the moment. Something that I have to concentrate on doing.

What am I grateful for today? Our Bible Study Group – just a top lot of people.

My saying for today is …

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