Blog for Thursday 24h November 2022

“Good morning world!”

Both Ken and I were up early this morning as we had to leave the farm fairly early as Ken had to be at the hospital before 8am, and with the roadworks happening on the Oxley Highway between the farm and Wauchope one has to allow plenty of time to get there.

We did.

But even with allowing extra time we only squeaked in at the hospital with maybe seven minutes to spare! Shoo! But we did it!

I dropped my man off for him to have another cystoscopy and I went to Riverside to visit one of my close friends.

I rang Hester as I was nearing their home and she nearly swallowed her tongue as she had only just climbed out the shower poor woman! I said I would give her ten minutes and then arrive. She was very gracious and said that she only needed five! And when I got there she was looking as glamorous as ever, hair dried and done, makeup on, beautifully dressed – so she is darn good to do all that in ten minutes!

I salute you woman!

Ah! It was just so good to be with them – both Hester and Ernest are just good people and spending time with them is always a pleasure for me. Ernest was working on his computer, but Hester and I had a good long chat in their lounge. Sometimes it is good to be able to get some things off one’s chest, and we both had plenty to chat about and share.

Ernest, bless that man, made us a beautiful cup of coffee served with bikkies – and both their dogs – Thembe and Rocket heard the word ‘bikkies’ and were there like a shot. Ernest took them outside to eat their bikkies! They are too clever by far!

Ken phoned me at about half past eleven to say his cystoscopy was done and dusted and the specialist had once again given him the ‘All Clear’. Thank You Lord for that wonderful news! Ken only has to have the next check up in six months. Again, good news.

I then waved my fond farewells to both Hester and Ernest before heading off to pick up my man from the hospital.

On walking out of their beautiful home, Hester gave me the rest of my birthday gift (that she had left at home by mistake a while ago) – oh my goodness gracious golly gee! It is the most beautiful soft dove grey/silver silk scarf to die for! How my friends spoil me so. “Baie dankie skattie!”

Outside the hospital Ken was looking so positive and happy – it was wonderful to see him like that again as things have been stacked against him recently.

The two of us then headed off to the rural store to pick up items for the farm and then on home.

Once home, Ken asked me to have a rest with him, and I really DID try, but honestly I do not need to have a snap snooze unless my body tells me to. So, I got up.

What I did do though is, I hung my washing out and sat there watching that the dogs did not rip it off the washing line. What with this heat and the stiff breeze blowing, my washing was dry in minutes, and I was able to bring it inside. Tomorrow will be an ironing afternoon after our Bible Study Group which is in Ellenborough in the morning.

I left Ken to have a good sleep this afternoon as he really needed it, poor guy.

I lay on the couch where I could keep an eye on my washing flapping happily on the windy-drier outside and read my book. I am loving this book so far and so enjoy spending time reading when I can.

What lesson did I learn today? To leave the yesterdays in the past and move on.

What am I grateful for today? Ken’s “All Clear” results. Wonderful news.

My saying for today is …

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