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Blog for Thursday 25th January 2024

Wow! I battled to wake up this morning – I felt as if I was fighting my way through layers and layers and layers of sleep. And each layer was SO heavy! But … hey! I won the battle much to my feline’s delight as that just meant food to her!

No wonder I felt like I was in a war with the duvet – Ken said I did not stop talking or laughing – like a non-stop conversation during the night. My poor man – he gets very little peace with me there beside him in bed!

This morning, I left the farm at about half past nine and headed off into Ellenborough to Noel and Sandra’s home for our Bible Study Group. I went on my own as Ken had a doctor’s appointment and it was slap-bang in the middle of our Bible Study Group meeting, but … sometimes those things just cannot be helped.

It was so nice this morning because we had Keith and Julie (plus two of their grandchildren – Dianna and Joshua), Ian and Marg’ and Sandra and Noel at our Bible Study, and everyone had something to say, to share or discuss which is always a good thing. We really have a good group.

Ken phoned me again from Long Flat to make sure that I had received his message for me to come across the river in the ute’ to pick up all the things he had brought home. He had left the quad bike on the other side of the river when he left, but he had far too many things to fit on one little quad bike.

So, Raafie and I went across in the ute’ and Raafie and I paddled in the river whilst we waited for Ken to arrive. The water was at a bath lukewarm temperature, and it was wonderful just standing in it watching one little Jack Russell so enjoying himself. Dogs have so much to teach us!

Once we were all home again Ken and I unpacked the ute’ then Ken headed off for his siesta as did Raafie! I continued to do my basketful of ironing.

I think ironing, in particular, has and does teach me patience but most of all persistence and sheer determination. So often, when there are say only six shirts still to iron, I would gladly give up and leave them to be ironed on another day, which does not help but only delays the pain!

Late this afternoon I finished all the ironing that had been bulging out and over the washing basket. So, I am feeling positively angelic once more!

Yoh! It has been ridiculously hot here today – well we are in the middle of a heatwave, so I suppose it is to be expected, ne?

When I got home from Bible Study, I put on our aircon’ but poor thing was gasping itself and hardly managing to spit out any cooler air! It sincerely needs to be re-gassed but … how to lure some guy all the way out here to do the re-gassing is the problem!

Oh dear! Our home was in a mess but honestly, I was too tired to really care. I would have to face it early in the morning but for now my body was demanding to sleep.

At just on eight o’clock Paddy phoned from Coolongolook to say he would be here on the farm in about two hours- that meant about ten o’clock. Ken was happy to fetch him across the river as he had had a nice siesta and was looking forward to Paddy's arrival.

I folded and was soon fast asleep. ‘See you in the morning Paddy, sorry but I am so tired!’

What lesson did I learn today? Never give up. Never, never give up. Never, never, never give up!

What am I grateful for today? Paddy’s safe arrival on the farm.

My saying for today is …

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