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Blog for Thursday 25th May 2023

This morning it was again really chilly. Again, 1.3̊ C outside and inside 5̊ C. Looking out when it was light enough, I could see that the ute’ windscreen was covered with thick ice. Later Ken poured water over it to be able to see.

My morning thus began with me wrapped in a thick winter dressing gown, Ugg boots, and winter ‘jamas. I only lit the fire later as Ken and Raafie were still in bed, and I have a small heater up in my studio.

At six o’clock I went downstairs after my Quiet Time to have a shower and get dressed, and I woke Ken up at half past six.

Now days we have to allow well over an hour to get into Wauchope, as there are now three sets of traffic lights on the road where they are working. Plus, at that time of the morning the road has so many school buses and people off to work!

Today was the day that I was back to the dentist and this time to have two teeth extracted. NOT my fun time, but it had to be done. I told myself repeatedly that all things – both good and bad come to an end and this too would!

Before having my teeth taken out, I shot into the hairdressers to be shorn as I was again an Einstein lookalike! All white and fluffy but without the brain beneath it all!

What a relief to look almost normal again – all shorn and neat!

We then went to the dentist, and I was delighted when it was all over.

We then popped into the bank as a rather large amount had been taken out of my bank account and it was not showing me online who or what it was for. After much of a hoo hah and a long wait, (testing Ken’s patience sorely) it was discovered that that amount was for a farm account and not for me to have paid. That I can sort out when we get home. Thank goodness it was not a scam.

Yoh! When the injections began to wear off my mouth was very sore as both teeth had had abscesses under them, so my jawbone and gums were very tender, but that too will go.

Patience is required.

Once we got back home Ken headed for a siesta, and I was tempted to catch forty winks as I had not slept well last night, but … I had one very happy little puppy and he wanted to tell me how much he had missed me, so he bounced, jumped, hopped on the bed and me, and did everything to get my attention, so I got up and left any ideas of sleeping well alone.

Instead, I worked on our homework for our Bible Study Group which is tomorrow this week. Plus, I need to go over the Sunday School lesson for Sunday too.

Tonight, Ken will have the same dinner as we had last night – lamb chops, mashed potato, cauliflower cheese, and peas and I will have soup as my mouth is still sore.

What lesson did I learn today? Nothing lasts forever – even dentist appointments!

What am I grateful for today? No more toothache. How wonderful.

My saying for today is …

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