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Blog for Thursday 29th December 2022

Yahee! I had planned another day of quiet – no mad rushing around cleaning, sweeping, mopping et cetera. W-e-l-l. that is what I had planned.

I got up and fed my fainting-away-with-dire-hunger-pains feline, poor dear! But she pulled through, the feisty feline!

Then I went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time, and I am delighted to tell you that I finished one of my Bible Study courses! Yahee!

Later I went downstairs to answer our landline that had rung several times well before eight o’clock(which we do not answer now days, as we have been plagued by charities asking for donations or salespeople,) but I knew it could not be either of those at that time in the morning.

I was right!

Apparently, our cattle were on the Highway again. It is a problem that we have no way of solving at present. So, I had to wake Ken so he could sort our cattle out and get them off the road. Ken said that there was only one cow on the road, but … one cow is one cow too many!

Shame, I felt for Ken as it was already steaming hot out there and the few cattle involved in this exercise were not “playing the game fairly”. They certainly led him on a merry dance up and down the river once he got the one cow off the Highway!

Need I add that Ken was not amused in the least bit!

The days temperature climbed up and up and up until it was sweltering. But Ken was saying that, from tonight – according to the weathermen - temperatures should cool down significantly. Yahee!

I did a lot of ironing this morning while Ken was out, but not all of it. I still have mounds of it to iron, but I am treating myself gently at the moment, so will finish it off another day.

Ah! I had to laugh this morning, because I was set to kick back, leave the dust where it was and maybe do some more of my art course, when I received a call (well on Ken’s behalf) as he was out chasing cattle! It was good friend of ours from Port Macquarie who said that he wanted to drop off some booklets for Ken, so I asked him and his wife to come across to visit us, as it is a long way just to drive out here for that. He said he would ring me back later.

Well, that caused a hurricane in our home, let me tell you. There was an almighty dust storm as I attacked our home!

As I told our daughter a little later, that after sweeping at the speed of light I swept the dust under the carpet, but then realized that we had no carpets so maybe I had cleaned someone else’s home. I wondered! Then I put the cat in the fridge, and hung the milk bottle on the coat hook, after which I dived into the shower to at least be smelling sweet for our visitors, while I tried to conjure up some gourmet meal using the remains of our savory mince and veggies from last night for lunch with our friends!

Then they phoned to say that they were going to just drop the booklets in our post box as they just wanted a drive out to the countryside and would not be popping in for a visit!

Well, our home is now looking neat as a pin, some of my ironing is done and I did both my Bible Study and Art course today, so I am smiling happily!

All is well in my world and the dust has settled once more!

At about five o’clock Ken went down to the bottom shed (where I was sure he would fry because it is still so hot,) as he needs to take the front wheel off the large quad bike and replace something – I think the bearings?

The pastures, our grass and everywhere is turning brown from the lack of rain. Everything is crisp to touch, crunchy to walk on and is in the process dying. We need rain badly again. Really badly.

What lesson did I learn today? To take one step at a time and not to stress ever! Easier said than done.

What am I grateful for today? Another quiet day on the farm.

My saying for today is …

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