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Blog for Thursday 2nd March 2023

I snaffled a few extra minutes of snooze this morning, so I only rolled out of bed at twenty past four, but still early enough.

As Mich’ is sleeping in my studio – that wretched juvenile eastern brown snake in our living area has stretched our nerves to twanging point – so in the evenings I bring my laptop, books, Bible, et cetera downstairs, so that I am able to have my Quiet Time downstairs in the mornings while Mich’ is with us.

Just to add to our “life no the farm” experiences Mich’ woke up in the wee hours of the night with a rat, yes, a r-r-r-r-rat sitting on the end of her bed! She realised that no one would believe her so she videoed the wretched rodent and eventually opened the door and let it out!

Now, I try hard to find the positives in any situation, but honestly a rat on one’s bed is made things hard for me to find any positive in that, but … I did! If there was a rat lose in the shed that meant there was no snake around!

Yeah! I liked that positive.

That rodent is the reason that I woke Ken up recently (probably a night or two before Mich’ arrived here) as I heard a scratching happening under the stairs, but when Ken and I checked the next morning we rat droppings. Wonderful!

Now, I have a wonderful imagination and when I heard those scratching sounds, (this was after the juvenile eastern brown snake had appeared), I could see in my mind’s eye, a large like Ka (snake in Jungle Book) slowly uncoiling its coils as thick a a man’s thigh! That did my nerves no good, may I add!

Ken has rid the shed of said rat and there is no snake or snakes here either, so I can begin to breathe again.

This morning I stayed at home with Mich’ so Ken went to Bible Study Group on his own, but I gave him my homework book in case they wanted some extra input, but they did not need it.

Mich’ was busy updating Robert’s resume all morning while I worked on the new Church Duty Roster for the months of May; June; July. It is just a rough roster now, but it gets sent out to everyone and I give the congregation about two weeks to tell me if they cannot do the duty on the dates, I have assigned to them. Then I swop duties around if they are not suitable for them. Once I have set the roster, they must do the swopping themselves, should they find they are unable to do a certain duty on the date on the roster.

In the afternoon, once Ken was home again, he and Mich’ had a siesta and I did our ironing, then painted my nails and read my book. O am having a wonderfully relaxed time with Mich’ here with us, but the time is just flying past which is sad.

In the late afternoon and early evening, we sat outside chatting, laughing and watching today disappear to where the unicorns and odd socks go!

Before supper tonight, Mich’ and I played a few games of ‘Sequence’ (a board game) – such a nice, relaxed game.

We all retired to our respective beds at about half past nine to read, do a codeword puzzle or to sleep.

Another lovely day in my life was over.

What lesson did I learn today? To take time out to read.

What am I grateful for today? That I did the ironing.

My saying for today is …

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