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Blog for Thursday 2nd May 2024

I was awake at twenty to three and again at just before four o’clock, so I obviously had had enough sleep for one night!

Shamara was there in the doorway to our bedroom, just waiting to show me the way in the dark to her food bowl as usual. Geepers! As if I would be allowed to walk past it!

I fed her, made my coffee, after which I went up to have my Quiet Time in my studio. Then it was time to get my school paraphernalia together to take with me later. I am teaching the children a new song to day – very brave of them to allow me to do so, as I am no singer! But children are very forgiving in that area, and they just enjoy the sheer joy of singing. They sing their little hearts out. My rule is that they have to sing loud enough to drown out my voice! They gladly do so!

This morning, I baked a chocolate cake for the wake which will be held after Cheryl’s funeral tomorrow in North Haven. So, I am slowly working my way down my To Do List for today.

This morning Ken went out fairly early in the morning to sort out gates – gates – gates.

He almost got stuck in the Pteridium Camp in the ute’, coming up that steep hill, as the ground is just so wet at the moment. Ideal growing weather though.

The sun keeps trying to shine whenever she gets a chance or there is a break in the clouds. But I think most of this week we will get rain daily - not heavy amounts but a consistent drip-drip-drip each day. Good for the pastures just sown.

Of course as I left the farm the skies opened but up and dumped a whole lot of rain on me at the Highway gate! I looked like a drowned rat, but a happily drowned one!

I enjoyed my lessons at school, and even though the older boys were fidgety initially, they soon settled down. And yes, I DID teach them a new song and they even got the tune and sang loudly to drown my croaking out, and they did all the actions to the song too.

On getting back home, the heavens ‘kindly’ (not) obliged by dropping another cloud full of rain on me at the Highway gate! Bless!

Ken was in the bottom shed and as I got to the gate he came through as he wanted to go to the Back Camp to check on cattle out that way.

The cattle in the Back Camp were fine but a little soggy, so he then came home and just before it got dark fed out another bale of silage for the cattle nearby.

I phoned me friend Hester, but poor woman, she had had a really busy day and had only just got back home after being out all day.  So, I suggested that I phone again in the morning, and we can chat and set up drawings – times - and timelines for me todo.

I also managed to ice my chocolate cake for tomorrow so at least that is done now and I will not have to rush, trying to do that in the morning, after mustering the steers into the ‘yards with Ken.

If I get the food and our supper and so on done early, I will maybe watch a movie or series – I feel I deserve a reward of some kind - and then I will go to sleep.

Our supper for tonight is just lamb chops, scrambled egg and bacon tonight. Something quick and easy to do and nice to eat too.

What lesson did I learn today? To be organised especially when my To Do List keeps growing!

What am I grateful for today? Spending a day with children at school. They keep me grounded.

My saying for today is …

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