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Blog for Thursday 2nd November 2023

I woke up late this morning. Rats! I hate that, but I am obviously tired and must listen to my body sometimes!

I rolled out of bed at about twenty to six this morning with legs thrashing like a windmill in order to get out of bed in a hurry! I hate waking up like that – sort of in shock mode muttering “Rats! Rats! Rats!”

I fed Shamara and then whipped up to my studio to have my Quiet Time – write out my grocery list for today and answer emails.

Ken only woke up late so by the time I had got things together and he had gone out checking cattle we only left the farm at eleven o’clock. That put paid to my hoping to get home early so I could continue my cleaning et cetera, before our friends arrive here tomorrow.

While I was waiting for Ken to get ready, I began writing out what I did on my South African trip. I thought I would do that and then add the photos in the correct order that I have taken them, and those of Mich’s, Kerry’s, Sheelagh’s and who-ever else sent me photos. It would make more sense for someone who was not with me – someone just looking and reading it, I think. Anway, I began that journal this morning, (nice little project) and I hope to do a little each day until I have it completed. I can then send it to those who would be interested.

This morning, our first stop was in Wauchope at one of the rural stores where Ken picked up another five lick blocks for the cattle, then it was on to get diesel in the ute’ as it was very empty!

From Wauchope we headed into Port Macquarie where I had made a hair appointment with ‘Just Cuts’ online. Yahee! Today there was only a half hour wait. But by the time I got there the time had extended out to sixty to eighty minutes wait! Thank goodness I had booked in well in advance, so I had my hair cut chop-chop! (Literally and figuratively!)

Ken waited for me to finish at the hairdressers and then we had a quick bite to eat for lunch at the little café in the centre. There we bumped into a friend from church and had a brief yakka.

After lunch Ken dropped me at Kmart where I bought a laundry basket – this time a rope woven one as the plastic ones break too easily. I also bought two white cushions – as Raafie has messed up two of my cushions by scratching at them – bless his little paws and claws! (Not!)

From Kmart we headed to Aldis to do a shop as they are closing for two weeks this coming week! Shock! Horror!

After getting the groceries we needed and the extras because of Aldis closing, we headed back into Wauchope. There we went back to the Rural Centre as ken had forgotten to pick up some items this morning, so we called in again to pick them up.

We also made a brief stop at the IGA as I needed a cooked chook for a lunch of wraps on Saturday.

Then it was home again jiggety-jog!

Yahee! We were welcomed home with leaps and bounds and I am quite sure smiles too by Raafie!

While Ken went out to feed the bulls and then the dogs, I unpacked the groceries and put them all away.

I had planned on doing this and that but honestly, the energy was just not there! I think an early night would be a great idea!

It was!

What lesson did I learn today? Sometimes you just have to listen to your body!

What am I grateful for today? Getting my hair cut.

My saying for today is …

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