Blog for Thursday 3rd November 2022

Yahee! Another beautiful day arrived at our home in the wee and dark hours of today. How wonderful!

I fed my feline, made my coffee as quietly as possible, tip-toeing around silently but then knocked over a glass which made a heck of a noise! I then went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time and start my day in earnest.

Before anyone else was up and about I worked on a list – a breakdown of the sexes and ages of the cattle we are sending to the Sale yards – this information is for the young guy in charge of carting and selling our cattle in Gloucester.

I had planned to make scramble eggs with toast and whatever, but the men – Matt’ and Paddy - were in a hurry as they had much to accomplish before leaving the farm and returning to Terrigal later today. So, they made do with coffee and rusks instead and then off they went.

Ken followed them shortly but he was meeting two guys from Mount Seaview Resort – Myles and Craig - who were returning one of our Bonsmara bulls who had kindly paid then a visit!

Said bull, simply trotted back home all the way, happy to be home again and without a look to the left or right he trotted into the Serpentine Camp 1 where all the bulls reside!

Ken then asked Myles and Craig up to the top shed for a coffee and biscuits. I had no warning this time as I did not have a radio for Ken to let me know, not that that is of any great help as Ken normally lets me know as they are almost at our front door anyway! Luckily, I was in the bathroom after sorting the washing and was three quarters dressed, so I quickly whipped on the rest of my attire and came out to meet and greet as the men arrived!

Shoo! Talk about timing, luck and all that!

When Myles and Craig left , Ken went out to feed our bulls and then headed out to where Paddy and Matt’ are fencing. I continued with the laundry washing and drying and will start on the ironing when Paddy and Matt’ leave us.

While the guys were out fencing, I quickly got the lunch things ready – just wraps, salads, chicken, cheese and various mayonnaises - as I know once they are finished their fencing, Paddy and Matt’ will be in a hurry to go as Matt’ plays basketball tonight, so has to be back in time for that.

Oh dear! The gate was left open to the Small River Camp (so happy I was no where near it!) and some of the animals we are sending to the Sale yards (and which took us the whole day to do the other day to select!) got out and others got in, so the whole lot had to be brought up to the ‘yards to try to sort them out again. A group decision was made that we would only send 28 of the 42 animals (we had selected for sale) for the first load and the rest later, as the rest were all muddled up with the main herd now!

It is at moments like these that tempers fray.

That “little glitch”, meant we all had to stop doing what we were doing and lend a hand to sort this problem out. Once that was done, Ken worked on fixing a gate, Paddy and Matt’ undertook to move the large herd out of the Large River Camp, so there would not be any more cattle tempted to jump camp, and they moved that herd out to the Middle Camp quietly and without any fuss at all. Nice work guys!

Then Paddy and Matt’ left the farm, they had to forget about doing the rest of the fencing that they had hoped to finish today as time had run out, and Matt’ needed to get home for his basketball match. Paddy will do that when he comes back in two weeks.

Ken took them across the river and to their vehicle and I waved to them as they left the farm. Geepers, but Paddy and Matt’ have done a lot of work for the farm, which is marvelous!

When Ken got home, he headed off to have his siesta and I worked on the new list of cattle going to the Sale yards.

As Paddy and Matt’ did not stay and have lunch Ken and I can have a cold supper tonight, which will save me preparing anything, as I had already prepared something for lunch. Yahee!

In the end I made us toasted sandwiches with a side salad as it was a little nippy to have cold supper.

What lesson did I learn today? Patience!

What am I grateful for today? All the work Paddy and Matt’ did.

My saying for today is …

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