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Blog for Thursday 4th January 2023

I am so gifted at doing that!

I wrestled with the duvet this morning – I wanted to get up but my body was threatening murder should I even attempt to get up!

I won! I won! I won!

It was exceptionally dark this morning which meant that it was overcast and possibly we might get some rain today? Ever hopeful I am.

My men had planned to wake up and getting going early today, but somewhere between falling in to bed last night and later this morning, their plans changed! That meant that they were out in the heat of the day – not a good idea.

Paddy and Matt’ worked on fencing the spot the cattle are sneaking up to and out and onto the Highway – so hopefully that will put an end to Ken having to chase cattle back off the road. But, Paddy came home feeling terrible – a spot of heat stroke I think. He was feeling nauseous and not good even after a cool shower. Matt’ also was not feeling that crash hot.

Ken went out to finish off the slashing in the Pteridium Camp and once home he also headed to lie down.

Shoo! It was hot.

This morning, while I was waiting for the household to begin moving, I did my ironing. Thankfully, there was not too much to be done, so it was all over Rover in about an hour! In this heat no one is particularly hungry – so are just having a light breakfast of cereal or yoghurt.

I spent most of the day in my little studio. Frist I listened to more of my Water colour course – lectures on the papers, brushes and paints Iwill be using – the what’s and how’s of all if that.

I then completed the Farm Expenses List to send down to our daughter in law, s she does the farm books.

I paid our accounts – telephone and so on. I also sent a ‘Thank You’ ecard to a friend of mine who had so kindly sent up – with Paddy and Matt’ five bottles of wine for us.

I read, deleted or answered the many emails that seem to arrive non-stop into my Inbox! I have to be on top of that or else Skymesh stops me receiving any emails!

I also sent out the Church Duty List to the congregation (as I am still filling in for Shirley while she is away visiting friends and family) for this coming Sunday. Yahee1 Something else to tick off my To Do List for today.

I had planned to have a braai/barbeque tonight but by the looks of the weather map maybe that is not going to happen. I will just have to play that by ear and make a decision closer to tonight, I guess.

Ah yes! That is also what I did – I did some transcribing of the Bible course I am busy with! Plus I did my exercises – all guaranteed to keep me out of trouble!

Yahee! Today I was also allowed to download my new Audio book for this month, and I chose ‘The Orphans Tale’ by Pam Jenoff. I recently read her book “The Kommandant’s Girl” which I enjoyed, so thought I would try another of her books as she has written several. It is always fun when you find a new author you like.

As my men folk were still recuperating from the heat exhaustion from the morning, I decided to begin to listen to my new audio book and paint my nails – both good things for me to do! No, I did not begin my new audio book as I still had several chapters to finish of last month’s audio book – “The Ruin” by Dervla McTiernan

Another little lesson in patience arrived for me today – we had run out of gas for the stove and water heater and my electric oven is playing up! Plus, I could not have the braai/barbeque because of the rain! I had planned to use the leftover ham chopped up and in a cheese sauce with spaghetti, but … no gas, so the end of that idea!

Instead, we had to have wraps with the different meats, salads, and cheeses for tonight. Well, at least we do not go hungry!

So, Plan B it was!

I think early to bed tonight and then early to rise for everyone tomorrow morning.

What lesson did I learn today? To adapt my plans!

What am I grateful for today? The rain.

My saying for today is …

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