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Blog for Thursday 4th May 2023

This made me smile.

Oh no, this is the last day that Mich’ is with me before returning to her home! We have had such fun together and shared so much laughter. You know the kind of deep belly laughter that makes your stomach hurt after a while!

This morning we slowly all woke up, Mich’ lit the fire today and a good fire she made too. I love how quickly our little home gets toasty warm.

In the small hours of today I had my Quiet Time in bed while Raafie slept alongside me in his bed. He was absolutely finished last night after a day of running around after the big dogs. He really tries so hard to keep up with them and at the end of the day he simply runs out of steam big time!

This morning we did some ore art exercises and then decided that much later we would do another you-cannot-look-at-the paper-while-you-draw exercise and draw a portrait of each other. The results are always hilarious, and then we would send them to Kerry’ (our eldest daughter) for her amusement.

Mich’ was very energetic today and she washed and cleaned our windows and our glass front slider doors - which I may add, was such a blessing to me! I really wanted Michelle to rest and relax but she was determined to help me in some way too.

I am so grateful for her help.

I did a big load of washing this morning and Mich’ and I hung it out to dry as our earthing exercise for the day. You know walking on the grass barefoot and all that.

We also did (or attempted to) do another yoga class online, but Raafie was equally determined to disrupt it totally! I received a nip on my rear end by said puppy, which was not conducive to a quiet class of stretching and deep breathing! But I felt better for having tried anyway.

While Mich’ was washing windows I tried to catch up with emails and paying accounts, Tomorrow I need to do all the invoices/receipts and send them down to our daughter-in-law who does the farm books.

Mich and I also found time during the day to sit outside in the sunshine as it was another beautiful day. We just sat there and watched the cattle, canines, guinea fowl and one small puppy enjoy life. We observed great lessons.

In the evening after our drawing exercise, we played several games of Bananagram and then Mich’ played Upwords with e for the first time and thrashed me.

It was a lovely, relaxed day and we both had enjoyed every moment of it. So, climbing into bed all nice and warm, and snuggling down certainly ended it on an up note.

What lesson did I learn today? It is the simple things in life that bring us such joy.

What am I grateful for today? Having had Mich’ here with me on the farm.

My saying for today is ….

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