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Blog for Thursday 5th January 2023

I slept in this morning, arising only at a quarter past five!

“Why?” you ask. I think I was tired as I had another nightmare last night. Well, that is my excuse anyway!

Ken had to wake me up as I let out a loud scream and he made sure that I was awake and not dreaming any more. Bless him, as it must give him such a fright, as scream as loudly as I can, and my mouth is only a few centimeters from his nearest ear, poor man! He really should look permanently startled!

This time I remembered my dream – I was walking somewhere, it looked like a beach and suddenly I was aware of a pair of small eyes in front of me, (yet somehow behind a sand dune), watching my every move. Suddenly, this sand dune erupted and this enormous hippo, with mouth agape charged right at me – that was when I yelled, and Ken woke me up!

Now, WHAT on earth a hippo has to do with my life, or a sand dune – nothing I have read, listened to or watched had any of those elements in them. Some dreams are just plain crazy!

This morning at about seven o’clock we had thunder rolling overhead and light drizzle, so we will see what the day holds for us later. Not much more drizzle.

Shoo! I had a lovely surprise this morning as I could have sworn, (well I think I did try, ) that is was Friday and Paddy and Matt’ put me straight before I was about to put my head on the block and swear that it was most definitely Friday! Yahee! So, I had an extra day that I did not know about!

We had 18mm of rain overnight and it has dripped and drizzled (very lightly) on and off throughout today. So, Paddy and Matt’ worked on their products – catching up on paper work and making phone calls.

I am so excited for Ken – as Paddy and Matt’ are taking him on a really serious barra’ fishing trip up north, at the end of April and into the first week in May. It is something that Ken has always dreamt about and now it is about to happen! How wonderful is that? I am delighted that he will be able to experience this and have a bit of a break and be with Paddy, Matt and another friend Pete’. They all should have a wonderful time and much nonsense will be part of that trip too!

This morning Ken went into Port Macquarie and Wauchope to pick up supplies for the farm and also to get the parts needed to fix the big quad bike.

While the men have been busy, I have kicked back – refusing to do any housework or labour of any kind whatsoever, and got stuck into my one course. This one is (yes-yes, I have many courses on hold) is on Life Writing, and I am loving it.

Just to make sure that I was not struck down too hard for not doing anything about the neatness or tidiness of our home, I sewed another tablecloth for our dining room table! That done, I continued with my course, as one does when the conscience is assuaged !

Thank goodness, tomorrow our friend Norm’ is coming out to help fix the quad bike, and also to check my oven out again. It will be wonderful to have them both working again. The men need both quad bikes and the ute’ to get the work done around the farm.

Ken brought back two cylinders of gas so that we should not run out of gas any time soon! Yahee! That meant I could do some cooking on the gas top of my stove. I have a small grill and so will grill the rump steaks and the lamb chops and I have created “roasted” small, chopped up potatoes by first boiling them in the microwave and then crisping them in oil on the gas top of my stove. (“ ‘n boer maak ‘n plan” – that means ‘a farmer makes a plan’ in Afrikaans!) All served with a salad.

When Ken got home and had off loaded the gas cylinders and connected them for me, he went to have a quick siesta. That was when Paddy and Matt’ went down to our riverbank, to slash that area for our friends who are hopefully coming across tomorrow, if the weather is kind to them.

This morning I contacted the garage where we normally get our fuel and diesel from – as they normally send out (via email) the invoice recording all our purchases for the month. Do not ask me what I did with that invoice, I know I saw it – probably deleted it when “cleaning our “ my Inbox” one day. They kindly resent it to me and I could then send that information down to our daughter-in-law.

What lesson did I learn today? To hone my skills at playing hooky from housework! I think I am a natural at it!

What am I grateful for today? A cooler and nice drizzly day.

My saying for today is …

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