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Blog for Thursday 7th September 2023

I was up and out of bed long before four o’clock this morning. Wonderful! As that gives me a good start for the day!

It is quite nippy still in the mornings and this morning as Ken had not chopped any wood last night, there was to be no fire for you Gail Morgan! Shiver your timbers woman! Ken simply forgot about chopping wood as it had been such a lovely warm day and that is understandable.

Hmmm, I wonder if shivering could be counted as an exercise. Just thinking!

Ken and I left the farm a little later than I had hoped to, so we were ten minutes late for our Bible Study Group! Something I hate being – and that is late for anything. I would rather arrive two hours early and sit outside waiting! But change of my attitude and I was not impatient – rather arrive late than dead, ` on time!

There were only seven of us there for our Bible Study today as Julie was not feeling well. We hope she will soon be back to feeling on top of the world again. We have almost come to the end of the study on Elijah and Elisha now, and then we will have to have a break for October as many of our group will be away for a while. Whoo-hoo! And I will be in South Africa visiting family and friends for our granddaughter’s (we have five granddaughters) wedding! All so exciting!

It has really been a hot day today, and when we left for our Bible Study Group this morning the sky looked ever so promising for rain, but … those heavy clouds scudded over us and went far away, never dropping any, no not even one raindrop here!

When we got back home Ken went off for his siesta and I let the chooks out of their henhouse and sat outside in the sunshine just watching their antics. Really! Raafie even tried to join the chooks and sampled a lettuce leaf, but he could not understand what they got so excited about! The guinea fowl, who have never shown any interest in greens, are now scurrying across to partake of said greens with the chooks when I put them out!

I took a few more photos of the chooks, just look at these three photos of their feather details …

Cocky Ollie's neck feathers ...

Henny Penny's brown shades

Higgety Piggety's black and white lacey look

Raafie nibbling on a lettuce leaf with Cocky Ollie watching on!

Raafie’s utter confusion as to why the chooks get excited over lettuce leaves!

And then the guinea fowl begin to arrive to add to his confusion and they enjoyed the cabbage leaves, something Raafie was not tempted to try!

My idea was to sit outside and do some reading, but honestly, it was just lovely sitting outside, full stop! But watching these creatures was an added bonus. (No reading was done.)

I still have not attacked the ironing and am busy raising procrastination of said exercise to beyond a master’s degree! I will let you know when it is done!

For our supper, seeing it has been such a hot day, we had cold meats, salads, hard boiled eggs and hot buttered potatoes. A nice easy and light meal to end out day with.

What lesson did I learn today? Patience.

What am I grateful for today? Time to sit outside and just enjoy the day surrounded by nature and not buildings and busyness.

My saying for today is …

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