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Blog for Thursday 9th February 2024


I hopped out of bed at just before four this morning and was closely escorted out of our bedroom by Shamara, my feline, towards her food bowl! The usual early morning routine! You would think that by now she would trust me enough to feed her every morning and not forget!

I had my Quiet Time and then at about seven o’clock my little sister (who lives in Terrigal, Central Coast) phoned to say “Cheers!” to me, as she flies out to South Africa early tomorrow morning, to stay with our youngest sister, Sheelagh in Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu Natal, for a few weeks. They have an exciting time planned together – the one thing I envy them doing is staying at the Tuli Tuli Elephant Game Reserve, which will be fantastic, and also that Dee will spend some time with Kerry’, our eldest daughter, who I miss with all my heart.

Today has just been a day of cleaning, scrubbing, washing. Dusting, sweeping, mopping and all those exciting housewifely things!

Ken even helped me by sweeping out half of the main shed area, as his feathered friends (one chook and nine guinea fowl) had made a horrible mess of the floor in there!  There the seed and mess were spread as far as the eye could behold!    But … my good man removed all the evidence of that now.

Ken also took all the rubbish down to the bottom shed to get rid of it. He fed the bulls and checked the cattle at the back of the farm.

Last night, when Ken was still awake and sitting in our living room area, I terrified him, the cat, Shamara, and dog, Raafie by screaming at full volume. Ken said that both animals ducked for shelter as they squirted out the living room area and into the main shed area! This happened about three hours after I had gone to sleep. Ken came running into our bedroom to see what the matter was, and I was what he thought, having another nightmare.

 Apparently, I got out of bed but was falling as I tried to walk and was obviously very frightened. I went to the bathroom and then climbed back into bed not remembering anything bar my endeavoring to walk. I could recall no dream. Just the fear.

Apparently, reading about these incidents of not remembering anything of these so-called nightmares, I have experienced “night terrors” and not ‘nightmares”.  These are usually experienced by children (oh dear, that figures now does it not!) although many adults have them too. I need to read more about how to prevent these from happening as they make me extremely tired the next day, as you may well imagine.

Moving on …

I am looking forward to the arrival of Paddy (our son) and Matt’ (one of our six our grandsons and Paddy and Ren’s son) early tomorrow morning. Plus, my sister flies out to South Africa in the morning too. It’s all happening, folks!

What lesson did I learn today? To make light of housework by listening to an audible book whilst I hovered on my broomstick, flicked the duster, twirled the mop or wrung the cloth out! I think one could call that 'the art of distraction'!

What am I grateful for today? A cooler day.

My saying for today is …

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