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Blog for Thursday 9th March 2023

I had a mini-sleep in this morning, as I only leapt out of bed at twenty past four, ready for a new day in my life!

My cat nearly got me tangled in her figure of eight’s through and around my ankles as I staggered out our bedroom. She was desperate to remind of her empty stomach and the need to have it filled! Bless her four paws! (Not!)

I then made my coffee and went up to my studio – yes, I am still doing the Goose step to avoid standing on any slithering reptiles, with both eye balls doing rapid 360̊’s at the same time! (Talk about multi-tasking). The rat we KNOW is now deceased, so that is one less member of the wildlife invading our home to be worried about.

At after half past eight I woke Ken up and he said he needed another half hour, so I said I would wake him, but he said he would be awake, not to worry.

Well, I went up to my studio to answer emails et cetera and by nine fifteen I was sure I had heard no movement emanating from our bedroom, so down I went to wake my sleeping man. He rolled over and asked me what the hurry was! I think I drew myself up to my full height and reminded him as nicely as was possible, that we were meant to be leaving the farm by half past nine, and that was the reason for a hurry! Poor guy did cartwheels mid-air as he shot out of bed! He had forgotten that today was Thursday (watching cricket for too long last night caused his brain fog!) and that meant our Bible Study Group meeting at ten o’clock!

After much skidding around corners, we got to the meeting on time! Hallelujah!

We had a good meeting and learnt a lot with much laughter included, and delicious eats too at teatime. We really have good friends in this group.

Once we were home from our Bible Study Group meeting, I ironed yesterday’s washing - all done and dusted. Yahee! That is a good feeling. I am right up to date again in the laundry department.

In the late afternoon I sat outside with the dogs and guinea fowl, just enjoying the lovely breeze that comes up from the river, and nature around me. Plus, keeping an eye out for anything that slithered or wriggled anywhere near our shed.

At half past five this evening I had a Church Board Meeting (via Zoom) – a meeting that is always constructive and encouraging as we have such a good group of people on the board. Things get done and it is always “all hands on deck” too!

After supper I watched another episode of "The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem', and then it was off to bed where I went to sleep very quickly.

What lesson did I learn today? The value of being accepted by others as you are.

What am I grateful for today? Good friends.

My saying for today is …

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.

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