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Blog for Thursday 9th May 2024

Oh, how I tried to convince myself this morning, that it was still a lot earlier than four o’clock, but after a while my conscience pricked me so hard, I just had to get up – it was twenty past four by then! But I enjoyed those twenty extra minutes anyway!

I fed Shamara who I swear heard my eyes open and knew I was awake long before I began to move, so she began her early morning song for her food then! For an old girl, she is pretty quick smart!

I went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time, do some of my Bible Studies for the day and go over my Scripture lessons for school later today.

When I left the farm to go to school Ken asked me to get some fuel in Long Flat as he had forgotten to get some yesterday when we were in town. I decided on my way down to the bottom shed to get the fuel container, that I would have to drive the ute’ to school today. The road from the river to the Highway gate is just too thick with mud for my little car to get through and I did not want to get stuck there.

Luckily, when I got to school it was not raining – only light drizzle was falling.

My classes at school today were great. The children concentrated, were not like a bucket of frogs leaping around the room and they clearly remembered last week’s lesson too. Wonderful! I played two completely different games in the two classes and the children really enjoyed them. Noisy but nice!

As I walked back down to my car in the parking area at school, the heavens opened and dumped a large cloud of rain down! I was really, soggy after that.

Then I went to the Long Flat store to get fuel and again, another cloud burst to make sure that I was wet!

On getting to our Highway gate a third cloud burst – I got the message – I was to be wet … very wet!

I was.

Once home I quickly got dry, dried my hair and then jumped into a pair of winter ‘jamas to get warm again.

In the early evening, we had our monthly Church Board Meeting – which is always such a pleasure. The business gets done promptly as we have a great team on the 'Board.

After the meeting Mich’ and I caught up with our evening chat, and tonight Ken and I had steaming hot cottage pie for our supper.

Very sad. My microwave has died. So, we will have to get into town soon and get a new one.

I was not long out of bed and both Ken and Raafie joined me and we were soon all in the Land of Nod together.

What did I learn today?  Children make sure that I keep my life very real.

What am I grateful for today? The time spent with children.

My saying for today is …

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