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Blog for Thursday 9th November 2023

Another new day arrived, still a little damp from the drizzle – how lovely is that!

My poor Shamara, she is still limping but seems to get around very well in spite of whatever is causing her to limp. I have noticed that even Raafie understands and does not try to chase or irritate her but allows her to flop down on the floor beside him without any dramas. Animals are better at that than us humans, I think!

Today, after my Quiet Time and my uploading yesterday’s blog, I began by doing two hours of ironing – shoo, what a good girl I am, I am! (Use your own tune to that!) Then, it was unpacking and re-packing the dish washer - ah, how I love that piece of machinery! To follow, I did a general tidy up of our home before Ken asked me to help him.

Ken asked me to drive the ute’ down to the bottom shed as he wanted to unload it – it was still loaded with water troughs, feed troughs, rolls and rolls of barbed wire, gates and gate fitting blah blah blah fish paste! Ken needed me to guide him and also to help carry bits and pieces off the ute’. That done I drove the now empty ute’ back up to the top shed.

Ken followed me on the tractor and then the two of us old dears pushed the big quad bike out the top shed so that Ken could lift it onto the back of the ute’, using the tractor forks to do so. There I was the guide again making sure that Ken got the quad bike onto the back of the ute’ dead centre. Done!

My man then waved a fond farewell to me as he and the quad bike set sail for Wauchope and our friend Norm’! Ken had tried to get the quad bike going but could not get to the bottom of the problem but Norm’ is a whizz kid on bikes and has sorted these quad bikes out many times before.

Apparently, the quad bike needed several parts and so Ken drove through to Port Macquarie to pick them up, but when he got back to Norm’s in Wauchope, they had given him the wrong parts! Thankfully, Norm; is going through to Port Macquarie himself tomorrow and will return them and get the correct parts to fix the quad bike!

As we were having our Church Board Meeting tonight at 5.30pm, I printed the agenda and the last meeting and read them, so that I was prepared for the meeting later.

When I had my last cup of coffee for the day I sat down and watched half an episode of SAS Australia, as I knew that after the meeting tonight, I would be tired, and I did not want to be up late. I must admit that the ads during the streaming test my patience greatly and often my back teeth are ground into a fine powder!

While Ken was out, we had a little bit of drizzling rain but not enough to really write about, (but I just did!)

As Paddy has a lot on – at this time of the year things speed up for everyone – he will only be able to come up to the farm on Saturday afternoon this time. What a long way for him to come for a short time, but we so appreciate the time he spends here working on the farm. He is making (with Matt’ when Matt’ is able to come too) huge inroads with the fencing on the farm.

Yoh! That is something that never seems to end – fencing! The bulls were having an argy-bargy the other day and have flattened sections of the fencing. Bless their testosterone! Three of the bulls managed to get out and into the herd of cows and heifers and Ken managed to get two of them out of that herd, but until he has a quad bike it is impossible for him to get the other bull out. He is rather shirty and does not take to being moved easily!

We had our Church Board meeting at 5.30pm and poor Matt’ (our secretary) was having so much trouble with his computer – we could not hear him, and then he kept disappearing, poor guy, but he never gave up! I love these meetings as they are run so well (thanks to Matt’) we get things done and there is no waffling, mumbling or muttering. Wonderful! We really have a good church board.

After the meeting Ken and I had some homemade soup with toast, followed by ice cream in waffle cones. I retired to bed and Ken followed me much later.

What lesson did I learn today? To drop what I am busy doing to help my man.

What am I grateful for today? More drizzling rain.

My saying for today is …

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