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Blog for Tueday 14th May 2024

“Happy Birthday Israel!” Wow, you are seventy-six years old today. Incredible! “May there be peace in Jerusalem and in your land.”

I woke up thinking it was four o’clock this morning, so got up, but it was only just before three o’clock! I was up and awake so continued my normal routine for the day. Fed one famished feline made my coffee and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Ken and I then attempted to leave the farm at about ten o'clock in my little car, that really struggled through the mud. Ken drove and he got stuck a couple of times, but he got us out in the end. Good man!

We made our way straight to the garage where Klane checked my car for the pink slip. We knew it needed two new tyres and so went to the Good Year guys to get them, but they had to be ordered. We will have to come back into town again on Friday to have them fitted and then we can pick up the pink slip as my car was passed for it, bar for the tyres.

I wanted to check with the jewelers if they had managed to fix the chain for my cross necklace, but as we were waiting to order the tyres for my car a text message came through for me from the jewelers saying my chain had been repaired! Good timing.

So, I picked it up.

Then Ken and I stopped off at ‘Coffee on High’ to have a coffee and raisin toast before heading into the main IGA in the centre of Wauchope.

As we walked into the IGA there we bumped into Emily and her beautiful little girl, Violet, Jessica (Violet’s aunt) and ‘Bec (Violet’s granny)! What a lovely and unexpected reunion with them all. We had a happy huddle and exchanged quick catchup words before all moving on.

We then stopped at the Wauchope Rural Centre for Ken to pick up food for the chooks, guinea fowl, and dogs before heading back home.

I drove my little car through the mud back down to the river, and amid many loud instructions issued by my man, and almost getting stuck in the mud, I managed to get us there! That is one for this woman!

Raafie was delighted to welcome us back home – doing his happy dance by the glass front door as he did so.

Ken headed off to have his siesta and I put away the groceries. When we get back form Bible Study Group tomorrow, I would like to clean out the fridges, it is something that needs to be done. It is a job I try to do every week but am a day behind this week.

It is really crazy how quickly the seasons change here! I find it totally fascinating having come from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, where there is basically only one season all the year round – summer! Here there are four very different seasons and at the moment winter is stretching out her icy fingers towards us. Brrr!

All three of us – that is Ken, Raafie and mwah were tucked up in bed nice and early, and I was soon fast asleep with Raafie tucked behind me and Ken was still busy with his code word puzzles.

What lesson did I learn today? I must listen to my man’s loud instructions when driving on muddy farm roads or remonstrations follow! Heh-heh!

What am I grateful for today? That I managed to navigate the muddy farm road and park my little car down by the river!

My saying for today is …

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