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Blog for Tuesday 10th January 2023

I remember during my dream last night, punching at something in a playful way to get it out of my way, but then waking up to an awful lot of clattering close by! Initially I thought I had punched the window blinds, but they are far away from our bed, and I could never have reached them, but I was too sleepy to check out what had clattered.

When I got up this morning, I discovered what I had smacked – it was my large bedside lamp that I had knocked over, which in turn had knocked over the knickknacks on my bedside table! Hence the clattering sounds! Nothing was broken and my knuckles were only a little tender!

Thank goodness this morning I woke up a little after four o’clock, which made me very happy as I get a lot done before the household begins to move and I am able to have a long Quiet Time too.

Once Paddy and Matt’ were up and ready to set out to work on the farm again – I made them something to eat for their breakfast and saw them off on their merry way. “Hey-ho, hey-ho, it’s off to work we go …”

Ken woke up just before Paddy and Matt’ went out and he is thinking of maybe going back into town today or tomorrow to get the tractor forks ‘untwisted’! Ken contacted a business that is capable of doing that, so hopefully they will be able to fix the forks.

Ken decided rather to go into town tomorrow.

I began my day just hovering on my broomstick as normal, but I decided not to mop but rather to begin to clean the main shed area as it is well overdue for that, and it also needs a serious amount of sorting out too. That kept me busy for most of the morning.

Ken decided to have an early siesta and Paddy and Matt’ were chased back inside by half past eleven, as it was just too hot to keep working outside.

I managed to sort out the large box of cattle tags again – all the colors, sizes et cetera tidied and in order. I love that feeling.

I then began to wipe down the conference table and the one bookshelf at the back of the main shed area, but there is still a LOT to be done in just that one little corner, but I thought I would allow Paddy and Matt’ some quiet, and time to recuperate from the heat and me not be making noises in the corner.

I do not allow the amount of work I need to do to dampen my enthusiasm, but rather just take one baby step at a time and I will eventually achieve the goal I set myself. To have a clean, neat home. Not easy in a shed with roller shutter doors, but hey, it keeps me busy and on my toes. No need for a gym membership!

When I left Paddy and Matt’ to have some peace and quiet, I went up to my studio and did a sample sheet of the watercolors that I have in half pans. Yesterday, I received the little metal container in the post, for those half pans and am feeling rather organized in the art area of my life!

In the afternoon I also did another art session with the portrait guy (a course I am doing) and am loving it. I really do not know what I am doing but loving it in spite of that small obstacle!

Paddy went out mid-afternoon to check on things he was busy with earlier and to see if the spraying against weeds had worked. Some areas were more effected than in other places.

In the afternoon I managed to chat to a member of our congregation whose husband has recently had a very serious operation, and she wanted me to notify the church of his progress, and to thank everyone for their prayers, love, care and concern which she so appreciated. I sent out an email on her behalf to everyone, as she is battling to keep up with all the phone calls, emails, and texts sent to her.

Even at four this afternoon it was still so hot. I honestly could not even think about eating later, or what to even cook. I will see later what everyone feels like and then play it by ear. Heh-heh! Maybe I could suggest a fast!

In the end I settled for cold meats, salads and hot mashed potato - yes, rather simple but I was tired and not hungry myself. I will do better tomorrow!

Luckily, I have three men - Ken, Paddy and Matt' who are very forgiving and understanding, so after putting the meal out, I slunk off to bed to sleep.

What lesson did I learn today? To stick to my plans for the day and complete them when possible!

What am I grateful for today? More work that Paddy and Matt’ have done today on the farm. Bless them both big time!

My saying for today is …

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