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Blog for Tuesday 10th October 2023

I slipped out of bed at twenty to four and tiptoed out our bedroom so as not to wake Josh’ up, as I was sure I snored during the night which would mean that he did not enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep!

I was trying so hard not to make a noise that I put my slip-on shoes on the wrong feet, which made me look a little like a duck!

As I had no idea, and had forgotten to ask Kerry’ last night, where the light switches were, I was creeping around in the dark using my phone’s torch to see. It was fine and I was able to have my Quiet Time in the sitting-room area. James came through at just after five o’clock and he kindly made me a coffee and not long after that ,Robert staggered in.

Then James and Robert headed off to the beach to have a surf but came back not long afterwards as the sea was standing on its head, and not surfing weather.

When Kerry’ got up she baked us some lovely blueberry muffins and made us some good, wholesome fruit drink – using apple, oranges, lots of ginger and carrots. So, I am full of good things!

James and Robert decided to try to surf again, and so off they went, but it was not great – James broke his board in half and Robert was washed up on the rocks, but they both survived the ordeal.

Kerry’ and Mich’ went off shopping on their own to get me something for my birthday tomorrow! Whoo-hoo! I feel spoilt already!

Josh’ stayed with me as he was working on his laptop catching up with all the wedding work he has to do and then James got back at about lunch time. Robert and Mich’ met up with friends, in the mid-afternoon, and then in the late afternoon Andrew and Tyra’ joined all of us for the evening.

Kerry’ and James’ home was bulging with bodies – Kerry’, James, Mich’, Robert, Josh’, Tyra’, Andrew and mwah – plus two cats and two dogs!

I went for a walk in the park with Kerry’, James, Sheedah and Rafiki in the late afternoon and the dogs had a ball running from here to there and then … they spotted a monkey and that was the end of any serene walk in the park!

Sheedah in the sunshine.

Mr .Belvedere with Mrs. Oberholzer

Tyra' with Rafiki

Chezabelle - look at her mane and tail!

My favorite photo of Mr. Belvedere

Well that thought was good but the internet is dropping out or not working at all. It can be very frustrating when one is trying to transfer photos et cetera. Well, I shall have to show you these photos another day then! Sorry.

Mich’ and Robert stayed on with their friends and had supper with them before coming back home here,

So much happening! People coming and going, and it is all happy stuff!

Kerry’ showed me how to make the healthy date balls – using mashed dates, unsalted peanut butter and sesame seeds, and I helped her roll them. they really are delicious – not too sweet – but nutritious wise they are fantastic.

James made us some fried fish which simply melted in one’s mouth, and Kerry’ made chips and Kerry’ and I had also made a large salad to be served with them. Our meal was noisy, full of stories, laughter and great humour! A fun evening,

We all migrated to our respective beds at about half past ten, I think. I had had another wonderful day with family.

What lesson did I learn today? To live in the moment and treasure every second with family.

What am I grateful for today? Time spent with our family here in South Africa.

My saying for today is …

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