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Blog for Tuesday 12th September 2023

A new day arrived silently and plopped down outside by our front door. Marvelous! A new day to live in – truly live in!

Shamara was up tail a-twitching, stomach rumbling as soon as I moved in the bed to get up. My goodness but she has eyes and ears if it concerns her stomach! She also makes sure that I go to her bowl with her food before anything else is done! Little guts!

I made my coffee after feeding my famished feline then went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Yahee! Paddy arrives on the farm this afternoon, so I need to get his bed ready and sort our home out yet again. How on earth can a home get so untidy when there are only two people living in it, I ask you with tears in my eyes!

First, I need to attack the fridge as it smells as if a tomato or something has expired in it! Yuck! I know it cannot be grey, soft and smelly as I checked the fridge yesterday, but something is clearly still not alive!

I am delighted to report that there was nothing dead in the fridge! How wonderful is that folks? So, seeing I was checking and tidying it, I washed, cleaned and dried all the shelves while I was there. The fridge is now in tip-top order!

I did two loads of washing and hung them out to dry, and in this heat, it would dry very quickly. Good as there are the pillowcases for Paddy’s bed flapping out there.

I took the chooks some greens and bits of broken bread rolls and let them out of their hen house to take a stroll around, which they loved doing in the warm sunshine.

We now have four hens and one rooster who is learning to crow! (Heaven forbid!)

Paddy arrived at the farm at about one o’clock armed with some really good braaiing (barbecuing) meat – steaks and more steaks! Plus, an enormous bin bag of greens for the chooks!

Paddy and I had a coffee (Ken was out chasing some cows that were in the wrong paddock) and I thanked Paddy for the wonderful gift he has given me – a ticket to fly out to South Africa to attend one of our granddaughter’s wedding at the beginning of October – the travel insurance (which is sky high when you are over seventy) plus Paddy has also put some spending money into my bank account! I feel very loved by him, and his generosity blows me away!

I sat outside for a short while after having given the chooks (with Paddy), some more greens out of the huge bag he had brought with him for them.

Paddy and Ken retired to have a siesta and relax for a bit, and I went up to my studio to write emails, study and find some papers I seem to have mislaid! I have put them in such a safe place that I cannot find the wretched things! Our electricity account being one of them. Maybe if I do not find it, it will go away? Yeah right!

I have cancelled our attending the ex-South African monthly get-together lunch this coming Sunday at Byabarra, as Paddy will be here with us, and he and Ken try to get work done while Paddy is here. So, there will be no flitting about, instead - sweat and hard work!

Ken and I were going to meet up with our friends Daphne and Ken in Port Macquarie this Friday, but we have cancelled that too, as Daphne is not well and is battling to get back onto her feet after being seriously whacked by a nasty tummy bug. Plus, there was nothing of her before she had the tummy bug so she will be just skin and bone now, poor lady, and she really needs to take things slowly to regain her health. We will get together the following Friday instead.

In the late afternoon that pesky cold wind began to blow again, and it was nice to be inside out of it.

For supper I made large pork chops, sausages, mashed potato, butternut and peas.

Paddy, Raafie and I retired early to our respective beds with Ken following us not long afterwards.

Ah! Bed was good and I was soon sound asleep.

What lesson did I learn today? To just enjoy the day.

What am I grateful for today? That Paddy arrived on the farm safely.

My saying for today is … I love this one!

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