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Blog for Tuesday 14th March 2023

It is my niece, Shannen’s birthday’s today – this niece lives in Holland – Ken and I wish her a very happy, “Happy Birthday” today and may the rest of her year be wonderful one too.

I only rolled out of bed – yes, in sort of s-l-o-w motion nog al, at five o’clock on the dot this morning! Lazy lump!

I vaguely remembered Ken shaking me and shaking me last night, trying to stop me dreaming as I was apparently having a nightmare and yelling and leaping around in bed. My poor man, no wonder he wants to sleep during the day! I have absolutely no recollection of the dream, which I find very strange as I used to remember my dreams vividly, but … maybe old age is even affecting that area of my life! Rats!

I am off to visit a good friend of mine that I have not been able to see for ages. She works full time but gets a Tuesday off, but … when she has been able to visit, I have not been able to, and so vice versa and this has continued from 1st January this year! But … today is the day and we have one heck of a lot of talking to do this morning!

We had another 8mm of rain overnight and the ground is even grinning! So, over the last three days we have had just over 42mm of rain which is marvellous!

I had a shower and got dressed to go and visit my friend in Toms Creek. She took me around to see their newest cottage for Farm Stays, and honestly her husband has done a brilliant job. They now have two beautiful cottages on their property for Farm Stays and are waiting for their home plans to be approved by council so that they can begin to build their home. Shoo! So exciting for them.

Jill and I had a great time this morning chatting our heads off, with hardly a break in between subjects or sentences! It was great to have spent some time with Ian (her husband) too when we had a coffee or morning tea together. Ian made us some “real” coffee on their coffee machine which was lovely. They are such a lovely couple and good friends of ours. I miss not being able to see Jill more often, but … that is the way it is for now. I arrived at their home at ten o’clock and left at half past eleven as it was Jill’s day off and I did not want to use up all her time. It was just so good to have spent some time with her to catch up with all our important news.

Once home – Paddy and I had lunch as Ken was having a snooze. After lunch Paddy had a quick rest to read his book and I went up to my studio to start to prepare my SRE lessons for next Monday.

I was so impressed as there on the washing line was the washing flapping merrily that I had put on to wash before I left home. Paddy, bless him, had taken it out the washing machine and hung it out to dry for me. Kindness in action.

At two o’clock I read a little of my book, well, I am actually reading a few books at once! Yeah right! I can, as three of them are instructive or informative books and I only have one fictional book on the go.

For supper tonight we will have those delicious T-bone steaks that I bought the other day – just beautifully thick and tender. I am not sure of whether I will serve them with chips, fried eggs and peas, or mash potato, butternut, cauliflower cheese and peas. I will ask my men what they feel like devouring.

In the end we settled for barbequed steaks, chips and a tossed mixed salad. Paddy had barbequed the steaks to perfection and they were deliciously tender and juicy.

What lesson did I learn today? How important some people are in one’s life.

What am I grateful for today? Another 8mmof rain overnight.

My saying for today is …

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